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Works for Me Wednesday–The Nativity Story

Nativity Story

As it turns out, this week’s edition of Works for Me Wednesday is, as Shannon calls it, the “Christmas-ish edition,” which is wonderful for me because I planned to write about something “Christmas-ish” anyway. 

First of all, I need to admit that I am not a huge movie watcher.  Steady Eddie and I prefer not to watch programs that are ungodly, which eliminates much of what is produced today.  However, last year we discovered The Nativity Story, which is a beautiful retelling of the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth.  This year we purchased the movie on dvd both for ourselves and Steady Eddie’s grandmother, who saw it at the theater as we did when it first came out.  I watched last night and remembered afresh why I loved it so much the first time I saw it.  The acting in this movie is first-rate.  While I am unfamiliar with any of the actors’ other work, I believe that each one did a very convincing job of portraying his or her character in this movie.  Mary, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, delivers a beautiful performance of the teenaged mother of Jesus who is bewildered by God’s choosing her as the mother of the savior, but who remains resolute in her faith.  My favorite character by far, however, is Joseph.  Oscar Isaac plays the role of the humble carpenter chosen by God to be Jesus’ earthly father so beautifully.  His love for Mary is almost palpable throughout the movie.  This movie is a love story in more ways than one.  Certainly, it is a love story because it depicts God’s greatest gift to mankind, but it also shows the lengths to which a man will go for the woman he loves; his love for her is completely unselfish, even despite his humanity and confusion over the events that happen to them. 

This movie really has everything:  romance, a little bit of humor, adventure, and a beautiful message.  It reminds me again of my savior and his humility in coming to his earth at the time and place He did in history, and that definitely works for me!  For more “Christmas-ish” hints, head on over to Rocks in My Dryer!

**The beautiful picture above is from The Nativity Story.

13 Responses

  1. Hi Amy!
    I bought this movie and I hope to get the family to sit down sometime before Christmas for us all to experience it. It sounds well done…

  2. Thanks for the suggestion!

    God bless you and your family this Christmas season!

  3. Thank you for the timely reminder! I look forward to sitting down with my children and watching it with them. Merry Christmas!


  4. I have not seen this movie yet, but I’ve been thinking about what we could do together on Christmas Eve this year… This would be a great way to spend some time as a family while focusing on the true meaning of Christmas… Thanks!

  5. I haven’t had a chance to see this yet, but I really must since you insist it is so great!

  6. It’s on my “to watch” list this year!

  7. Thanks for the review–I haven’t seen it yet myself and was wondering if it was worthwhile.

  8. This is a great movie! I saw it when it came out and after the movie was over I sat in my car for 30 minutes and cried. Just the very thought of God, creator of the universe, coming to Earth in the most humble and fragile way was just so wonderful. And that he did it for me. It’s something we all know in our heads, but I really felt it that night in my heart and was humbled like never before. All I could do was say, Thank you Lord.

  9. Our whole family saw this in the theater on Christmas Eve last year – the entire theater was crying! It is definitely worth watching.

  10. Oh, I can’t wait! It should be in our mailbox any day now, from Netflix. Perfect timing for Christmas. Great review, thanks

  11. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

    Feel welcome to visit my blog

    Laane on the World

    to see what works for me.

    Merry Christmas
    and a
    Happy New Year!

  12. I’m with you – this one is on our list of movies to watch this year – we stay up all night on Christmas eve and watch movies and snack as a family at gramma’s house. I loved this movie!

  13. What a great picture and reminder!

    Many blessings…

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