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Friday Felicities

Some happies from this week:

  • a real return to health for the whole family–thank you, Lord!
  • a week of cooking which results in a fridge full of leftovers for the weekend:  abundance!
  • milder temperatures which have made going outside fun, not painful
  • an off day for Steady Eddie
  • an afternoon at the park
  • brownies to share at today’s homeschool group
  • a half-price sale that begins today at my favorite library’s used bookstore
  • a little girl who requested to ride her new Christmas bicycle around the block
  • another little girl who wanted to walk so she could collect things (see picture below for an example of what she deems collection worthy!)
  • Lulu’s reading success:  she began just this week keeping a log of the books she has read semi-independently
  • Louise’s many and varied malapropisms and generally endearing mispronunciations.  Example:  she referred to an enema (don’t ask–you really don’t want to know) as an I-N-V.  Get it?  N-M-Uh.  🙂  {I can’t believe I just used that word on my blog.  It was just too cute not to document, though.  🙂 }

For more Friday Felicities, check out Becky’s blog.


3 Responses

  1. WORMS?! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

    That said, I’m glad you are all feeling better! ;D

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hallelujah for good health, abundant leftovers, and milder temps (can you believe we had to turn on the a/c here this week?). A husband at home, playing in the park, brownies for binging … ahhhh. 🙂

    And I’m drooling over the half-price sale at your favorite library’s used bookstore.

  3. […] right?  Okay, now that I’ve referred to bathroom humor twice on my blog in one week, I’ll move on.  […]

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