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I’m just fooling around with the look of my blog again.  Don’t mind me.  They say it’s bad for business, but since it’s my home on the web, I guess it’s okay if I rearrange things once in a while, right?  I’ve always wanted to be able to put stuff in my sidebars–you know, stuff like links to books that we’re reading now, etc.  I’m beginning to think I can’t do that here, but I keep trying.  If any of you, my dear readers, are experts at WordPress, please drop me a hint or a word of encouragement.  Thanks!  🙂

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  1. I was at wordpress and that is why I changed to blogspot. I know it’s not as “professional” but I like to change things up…and do so often. 🙂 It’s part of the fun in it for me…oh well! LOL!

    • Candace,

      Did you move all your posts (migrate? transfer? I don’t know the word) to your new blog? I’d HATE to have all my reviews on the old one. I have considered it, though. . .

      • Sorry, i forget to check back to comments. 🙂 Yes, I moved over every.single.post. I take that back, I only move over MOST of my posts, LOL! I did move over all my reviews as well…I just had to go through and add in a NEW Mr. Linky with my new bloggy address. In the end, it was a pain, but it was worth it. I’ve been at 3 blog sites and blogger is definitely the most user friendly…good luck with your decision! 🙂

  2. Well, it’s changed three times since I’ve looked! ;D haha! But I think it’s your prerogative! (Nesting a bit there?)

  3. I like this look. 🙂 Unlike the “they” who say it’s “bad for business,” I like it when others change their blog look from time to time. And of course I do it a lot myself. It requires less bravery than changing my hairstyle and less money than changing my wardrobe, and it satisfies my desire for change.

    You can put an image link in the sidebar (a book cover) that links to the book at amazon. It’s under “buttons and badges” in the wordpress help forums (or was when I was at wp.com). I don’t know if a sidebar link can be an associate link, though.

    • Thanks, Janet. I’ll have to go snooping around. I wish I were better at this (and had enough time to REALLY understand it!).

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