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Kid’s Pick::Little Visits with Jesus

kidspicksIt’s time for another Kids’ Picks carnival over at 5 Minutes for Books. I debated about whether or not to participate this week because I’m feeling the crunch with lots of spring activities coming up in the next few weeks and, really, my girls’ favorite picks are the likes of Arthur, Franklin, and Dora, and what parent of preschoolers really needs an introduction to them?

However, the lure of being an active part of the book blogging community won me over once again, and I decided to highlight a book that gets almost daily attention here at Hope house.  It’s Little Visits with Jesus by Mary Manz Simon.  This book of preschooler-friendly devotions contains 240 or so one-page devotions to be shared for family devotions.  Each devotion consists of a short, paraphrased verse of scripture (from the Good News Bible, Today’s English Version); a short, story-like, related devotion; and a short prayer.  Do you see a theme here?  Everything about this book is short (hence the name Little Visits with Jesus).  Often the devotions require some response or activity from the listeners.

A few months ago, I decided I needed to scale back our Bible time here and make it a little less intense.  I’m afraid my zeal for teaching my girls God’s Word had caused me to make them a little bit resistant to learning it.  Granted, my girls already have three or four complete Psalms, the Lord’s Prayer, and a Colossians passage tucked away in their hearts (at least I hope it’s still there!), but I was finding it difficult to encourage the learning without being locked in a battle of wills with them.  My new tactic is to include them in my own scripture learning by eliciting their help and doing it while they’re within earshot, but not require them to do it themselves at this time.  I plan to get back to memorization after they have both matured a little, and I pray that our next attempt will be even more successful than our first has been.  I think Little Visits with Jesus is a good, gentle break from the previous intense learning for us.  Lulu usually eagerly retrieves this book from our Learning Time shelf before breakfast is over most mornings, so I think it’s working.  My only criticism is that there are only twenty devotions for each month, so this is not something that can be used daily.  Of course, we can always just read God’s Word on the off days.  : )

Little Visits with Jesus is a definite Kid’s Pick here at the House of Hope!


8 Responses

  1. See — you summed up the spirit of the “Kids’ Picks” carnival right there: letting them read what THEY want, not what we think that they should read. And the same goes for Bible study.

    That said, we’d also love to hear about Arthur and Dora too!

  2. Well, I’m glad you joined in! And it sounds wise that you would make your devotion time less intense after noting your kids’ responses.

    This sounds like a good book as well. I know you are busy, busy so thanks for your time!

  3. I know a lot of parents who learned this lesson too late!

    Friends & Enemies

  4. It’s true that kids learn best when they are excited about what’s being taught.

    This looks like a great book.

  5. Thanks for sharing this book!

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