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Nonfiction Monday::Seeds and Trees

nonfiction_mondayI was responsible for helping to teach a few lessons to our elementary homeschool group in September, and in preparation for this, I happened upon several good nonfiction selections about trees and plants that I wanted to share here at Hope Is the Word.

Seeds by Ken Robbins is a beautifully illustrated picture book which details a different type of seed every few pages.  Seeds as disparate as milkweed seeds and coconuts are discussed, and each discussion is accompanied by beautiful, almost life-sized illustrations.  The tone of this book is more conversational than text-bookish, which is the way I like my information served best.  🙂  If you’re looking for a beautiful and useful introduction to seeds, this one is not to be missed!  (As a side note, did you know that a maple tree seed is called a samara?  We didn’t, but we do now, thanks to this book!  My girls take great delight in picking up what we previously referred to as a “helicopter leaf” and saying, “Look!  I found a samara!”  Their joy at this is compounded by the fact that we know someone by that name.  🙂 )

A Tree Is Growing by Arthur Dorros is one of those books that is appropriate for different ages, depending on how it is read. 
The text of the book is conversational and straightforward.  My girls listened to it with no complaints, ‘though it is pretty detailed.  However, there are enough diagrams and labels to satisfy the curiosity of much older students, in addition to the fact that it contains copious amounts of side-bar information.  S.D. Schindler’s illustrations are gorgeously reminiscent of an old-timey nature journal, with the aforementioned diagram labels, etc.  This book is a joy to look at and to read.  I would be very happy to add this one to our home library!

If you’d like to read more juvenile nonfiction book reviews, Nonfiction Monday is hosted this week by Jean Little Library.