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Sick Day

Lulu awoke very early this morning, and after she had been up for a while she complained of having a sore throat.  I didn’t think much of it, really, and by the time this transpired we had already begun our school day.  We begin our “learning time” on our couch (or, for those not from the South, our sofa), reading together.  We read a Bible story, have a short devotion, work on our Bible memory passage.  Then, I usually read at least one book of each girl’s choosing.  Last, I read whatever I have chosen for that day’s focus:  usually it’s something science or FIAR-related.  Today it was more books about the skeleton/bones. 

After this, I usually supervise Lulu’s piano practice (and Louise’s, too–she has nothing formal to do, but she insists).  However, today Lulu just wasn’t up to it.  I gave her the option of watching a short DVD (which is something we never do at this time of day), and (of course), she chose to do that.  I had forgotten that we have a Bill Nye DVD about the skeleton borrowed from the library right now, so Bill Nye it was.  By the time the DVD was over (about 30 minutes), it was apparent that Lulu is indeed sick, so I scrapped the formal plans for the rest of the day.  I read three chapters from our current chapter book read-aloud, The Boxcar Children, and they would’ve listened to more.  Lulu then listened to part of the audiobook Akimbo and the Lions while Louise and I ate lunch since she had no appetite.  In fact, she dozed off while listening to the story.  While Lulu napped, Louise and I made some granola bars (from Family Feasts for $75 a Week, a book I hope to review soon).  When Lulu woke up, I coaxed her bribed her to take some Advil for the fever she had developed.  The bribe?  Watching the Molly movie together.  Now she and Louise are in their room listening to The Rescuers, if she isn’t already asleep.

I’m not giving a play-by-play of our day because I like to hear myself “talk,” I promise.  What I need is some good old homeschooling advice.  When is a sick day still a school day?  I have to keep records of how many days of school we have, and I’m honestly pretty desperate to get kindergarten finished before baby brother makes his appearance.  In fact, I’d like to finish as far in advance of the blessed event as possible.  Today we none of our formal work–phonics instruction, math, handwriting.  However, we have done an enormous amount of bookish things today–more than usual, in fact.  Upon the advice of some wise homeschooling parents over at The Well-Trained Mind forums, I’m counting today, but I’d like to hear more discussion about it.  (It’s really hard for me to silence my internal box-checker!)  If you homeschool your children, how does this all pan out in your school?  I’m all ears.

(If you’re interested in reading how this all turned out, go here.)


8 Responses

  1. It sounds to me like you did Bible, music, literature, science, and history/social studies today. That absolutely counts as a full day of school. I would wager that most kindergartens don’t cover that much in a usual day.

  2. In our home, we would count your day as a “school” day. True education cannot be quantified. It happens every day of the week because children are always learning or reviewing (being reminded of) something. Even on days when no formal bookwork is done, character and obedience are taught and learned.

    That’s my two cents. 🙂

  3. As a homeschooling mommy of 4 (10, 7, 5, 2) I’m all about looking at what was accomplished vs what I thought I needed to get done (and I’m with you in the internal box-checker personality!) I am really enjoying your blog and relate to so much of what you put into words! Thanks for blessings all of us. And go ahead and count the day! 🙂
    Blessings to you

  4. Well, I’m as new to this as you, but it sounds like you did a lot with a sick little one. When Noelle has strep we don’t get anything near what you have done. (Of course, she’s usually very sick to her stomach and trying to do school like that doesn’t work at all). Sounds like you got plenty done to me to count it … especially for kindergarten. 🙂

  5. That sounds like a school day to me. Teachers in traditional schools sometimes have days that don’t look typical (field trips, afternoon movie treat, standardized testing days). Sounds like true learning took place and some well-needed rest.

    I enjoy hearing about your school day. We do our “couch time” at the end of the school day. I never thought of starting with it. I might try that sometime.

    Did your girls like the Molly movie?

  6. I read this last night, and got interrupted before I could leave a comment.

    I would count this as a school day, especially for kindergarten. In public school, there are occasional exceptions to the usual routine with the understanding that enrichment counts. I think an occasional “book party” day (as a friend of mine calls them) counts, on the same theory.

    I was interested to hear that you have to report for kindergarten; I thought my state was oppressive in its regulations, but we don’t have to begin reporting, or submit an IHIP, till first grade.

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