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Friday Felicities

I didn’t get to share any Friday Felicities last week, so I’m thinking back over a couple of weeks to come up with my happies for this week. 

  • Even though it’s still cold, some signs of spring are beginning to appear.  I particularly like the punch of red that greets me in the school room thanks to the sweet little pot of tulips my dear husband and precious children gave me for Valentine’s Day.  

  • After celebrating the Chinese New Year last Monday, Steady Eddie reminded the girls that they could’ve told their grandmother and great grandmother “Happy New Year” when they saw them earlier in the afternoon.  Louise’s response?  “I did.  In French.  Very quietly.”  🙂  That girl.
  • The church Bible quiz team which Steady Eddie and I coach together won in their division at last Saturday’s competition.  It was a long day (with a gaggle of rambunctious elementary-aged boys, including my nephews, as well as a few girls), but it was so worth it to know they’re hiding God’s Word in their hearts!
  • Our school room in the afternoon is a bright and cheery place as the sunlight streams through the windows.  It’s so good to see the sun!
  • It’s easier and easier to snap a “Caught Reading” picture these days!

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings!

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2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift, Amy!

    Congratulations on the Bible quiz team winnings as well as the Chinese New Year winnings. You’re on a roll!

    I loved the pics you captured. Have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulations on your win! =D

    I haven’t snapped any “caught reading” photos yet, but I anticipate that being in our near future. Awesome photo.

    Love the sunlight!

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