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The Week in Words



As a distraction/break from A Tale of Two Cities, I’ve been reading a memoir called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  (This couldn’t possibly be why I still haven’t finished Two Cities. 😉 )  The Happiness Project is immensely quotable, but I found one part that just completely resonates with who I am.  I think Gretchen and I might have a thing or two in common. 

But what, exactly, did I find fun?  What did I want to do?  I couldn’t think of much.  Well, there was one thing:  I really loved reading children’s literature.  I’ve never quite figured out what I get from children’s literature that I don’t get from adult literature, but there’s something.  The difference between novels for adults and novels for children isn’t merely a matter of cover design, bookstore placement, and the age of the protagonist.  It’s a certain quality of atmosphere. 

Reading this for the first time was like reading something I’ve thought all along but never had a reason to put into words. 

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3 Responses

  1. I love it when we find someone who puts it into words for us. What a great quote!

    Mine for today is about childhood reading. Must be something in the air…

  2. Huh! Ok. So if you finish up reading The Happiness Project and love it, then I’ll read it next! =)

  3. […] In fact, I felt like she and I might even be friends, if we were to ever meet.  After all, we have something in common.  This is not a Christian inspirational book, however, if you’re looking for a book on […]

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