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Prince Edward Island Reminiscences

I’ve been meaning to write up this post since last year’s L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge at Reading to Know, but one thing and another happened, and I haven’t done it.  Part of my holdup has been that all of the pictures I took on the trip are enshrined in a scrapbook (one with green covers, of course), and because I have no scanning skills, I knew I would have to be content to simply photograph my photographs. This year, though, I determined that I was not going to let the challenge end without my sharing at least part of our story here at Hope Is the Word, bad pictures notwithstanding.  😉

I say “our story” because as you’ll soon find out, this story would not be possible at all without my precious husband, known here in blogland as Steady Eddie.  We met one fateful day in the library where I worked–he came in to check out some books (imagine the mileage a “check out” joke can get, folks, and you’ll know how much we’ve heard it in the past 13 years!) and it was love at first sight.  Okay, I don’t really believe in “love at first sight,” but it was definitely “something’s up here, and I think it might be a God thing” at first sight.  😉  (To tell you a little bit about how Steady Eddie was affected by our meeting, which consisted of zero to few words,  he went home and read what I recall being THREE average-sized novels so he could bring them back the next day.  It never occurred to him to bring them back unread.  What a guy!)  We dated for about fifteen months before he proposed, and after leaving him hanging for a few days, I succombed to what I knew by then WAS a God thing and said yes.  Since at the time I was teaching school and he was in graduate school to become a teacher, we decided to get married the following summer. 

As we began to plan our honeymoon, it really did seem that the possibilities were endless–two young, financially unencumbered (relatively speaking) newlyweds–what destination was our heart’s desire?  Of course, since I was about fourteen years old I had been enamored of all things PEI, so it was one of my first choices.  Steady Eddie, being the loving, agreeable fellow that he is, readily said yes. (!!!)  I remember sitting in our local Pizza Hut with an atlas of the United States spread out between us, plotting our course.  We decided on a two week honeymoon in which we would take in some of the sights between Alabama and PEI, Canada, spend about a week on PEI, and then take another route back home.  What a plan!

We had leisurely week-long trip north/northeast, stopping for a few days in one of my favorite places on earth, Washington, D.C.  We even spent an afternoon in Philadelphia.  We got lost in New York City in an attempt to get close enough to the Statue of Liberty to take a good picture.  (We spent that night in Vermont, folks–as far away from NYC as we could get without having to drive into the wee hours.)  We saw some beautiful, picturesque places in Maine that I would love to return to some day. 

But finally we were on PEI.  Can I tell you how thrilling it was to finally be on “the island”?  Our first stop was at the Cavendish visitor’s center, and of course, I had to have my picture made here–this is Avonlea, folks!

After this, one of our first stops, even before we saw our lodging, was at Cavendish beach.  I couldn’t wait to see the famous red cliffs! To my remembrance, this was a Sunday (?), and the beach was rather deserted, although we obviously found a nice passerby to take our picture. 

From here it was on to our lodging, a beautiful inn called Kindred Spirits.  I’m not taking the space to post any of the pictures I took of this beautiful facility, but please, do visit the website and look around.  It is truly a gorgeous place to spend a vacation.  The website even features our very room for the week here and here and here.  One of the best parts of all about this inn is that it is situated right next door to Green Gables!

(As a side note, I almost never crop pictures in silhouettes anymore.  😉  However, for some reason, I still like the effect for this one.  Maybe it’s the quote.)

We stayed at Kindred Spirits for about a week and took in all the Anne-related sights we possibly could.  Some snippets I remember from the trip:

  • thinking this would be a wonderful place for a family vacation since the beaches, even in June, were not very crowded and it wasn’t too hot.
  • the huge amount of Japanese tourists who love Anne. One of the funniest things that happened to use happened at Bright River Restaurant in Cavendish.  A table full of Japanese women had a very difficult time communicating with the waiter.  He couldn’t get the concept of mashed potatoes across to them, and Steady Eddie and I really got a kick out of these refined Japanese tourists ordering “two beer” to share among the lot of them.  🙂
  • as in most tourist traps, everything thereabouts is named after something from the Anne books.  I didn’t mind this time, though.
  • PEI has an amusement park which then boasted a very rickety roller coaster which I rode, even though in general I detest being frightened in the least.  It was either the influence of the honeymoon or the location, or both.  😉
  • life seemed to travel at a much slower pace in general on PEI.

We visited L.M. Montgomery’s gravesite

Silver Bush

At Silver Bush (the home which inspired Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat, I might add), we also saw the inspiration for the “Lake of Shining Waters”

and the cabinet in which Anne found her first friend, Katie Maurice.  (Remember that?)

On our way to Charlottetown to see Anne of Green Gables:  The Musical (fun, but not much like the book, as I remember), we drove across Prince Edward Island National Park and stopped to visit Dalvay-by-the-Sea.  This beautiful resort appeared as the White Sands Hotel in the Anne movies and Road to Avonlea.

Of coure, before we left PEI, we had to make a trek over to L.M. Montgomery’s birthplace

I absolutely loved being able to visit all of the sites related to L.M. Montgomery and Anne. 

We left PEI on Canada Day, but the night before our innkeepers planned a surprise for their guests:  Anne and Diana came for a visit!  This was so much fun, and the girls did a great job of portraying the characters.

I couldn’t have planned a better honeymoon if I had planed it by myself.  😉  Looking back after over ten years, a couple of job changes, two children (and one on the way), and the usual trials and tribulations of life, I can truly say that it was a dream come true and I owe it mostly, if not entirely, to this guy:

Thanks, Steady Eddie!  I love you!

L. M. Montgomery Reading ChallengeCarrie’s L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge ends on Sunday, January 31, so there’s still time to share your memories of Anne or PEI.  I’ve really enjoyed this jaunt down memory lane, and I hope the length of this post and the number of photographs weren’t too much for you (or your computers!).


10 Responses

  1. NO WAY! It wasn’t too much at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it’s almost unreasonable how much I absolutely adore this Island. =D

    We did so many of the same things! We had breakfast at Dalvay-by-the-Sea and we went to Silver Bush and took a carriage ride around The Lake of Shining Waters. We sat on the edge of the cliffs.

    OH my. My pictures are also enshrined in a scrapbook but you make me want to photograph them out just like you did and relieve the memories. =)

    What blissful fun. I SO want to go back with Jonathan some day. (Que “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and wistful sighs.) And I’d like to take a digital camera along with me and not film! 😉

    Thank you so. very. much. for sharing this! I know it took a lot of time and energy but it was so very, very fun to read!!!

  2. You’re welcome. 🙂

    Aside from the fact that I’ve done too much sitting today, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

    One of my many regrets is that I did not have the camera I have now when I took several trips-of-a-lifetime: PEI, Yellowstone (and lots of other places), Europe. Well, no matter. Two of the three (and part of the other one) are committed to paper in scrapbooks so that if my memory really does fail me, I’ll have it to look back on. 🙂

  3. Love the pictures! I’ve always wanted to go to PEI. For now I’m waiting until my daughter is old enough to enjoy Montgomery’s book – it will make the trip that much more special. Thanks for sharing your scrapbook!

  4. Awwww….. Thanks for sharing your pics and memories!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I loved the story, the pictures, and seeing you ten years ago in those flowing dresses. I love those: think we could revive that look?

    • Oh, I wish! I wish I still HAD those (and could wear them!). I love linen–just perfect for hot, humid summertime weather!

  6. I have always loved Anne of Green Gables. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and trip with us. I would love some day to get to visit the same places.

  7. This was a lot of fun! What a nice hubby to take you on such a dream honeymoon. I’m not much of a traveler, but this is one place I would love to visit.

    My husband and I met in a library, too! We both worked in our university’s library while in college.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your trip – awesome photos; it looks like a beautiful place. I’m quite envious that you got to see it all!

  9. Thank you so much for the link to this post! Believe it or not, I spent some time last weekend flipping through a PEI travel guide, and imagining visiting all the places you’ve mentioned! I’m hopeful that this will be one place that I get to visit very soon!

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