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Friday Felicities

I’m getting a late start on this Friday morning.  Our schedule is sort of up in the air today due to a wintry mix (rain/sleet/snow?–what we usually get) that might hit our area later this afternoon.  Our homeschool group meeting was cancelled today, so here I sit, with an unplanned Friday ahead of me.  I’m thinking we might do some “catch-up” school and a fair amount of reading.  I also have a lot of cooking and baking to do today for some church events this weekend, so let’s get started on some happies for the last week of January:

  • My girls have played extremely well together this week for at least part of the time.  😉  (I’ll take what I can get!)  One day I even postponed starting school until almost lunchtime because they were having such a good time and playing cooperatively.  Lulu’s in kindergarten, right?  It should be about play!
  • I finished The Hunger Games on Thursday and was blown away.  Wow!
  • We grocery shopped last night (thank you, Lord, for a husband who’s willing to help with almost any chore!), so we have full cupboards, pantry, and refrigerator once again.  Such abundance!
  • Our homeschool group “faculty” met last night, too, to hammer out the rest of the year.  I’m blessed to a part of such a Godly group of ladies who genuinely care about educating our children.
  • I’ve been reliving mine and Steady Eddie’s honeymoon trip which occurred 10 1/2 years ago now through a final post I’m preparing for the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge (which ends this weekend!).  Stay tuned!
  • I’ve hit upon a few solutions for our school day that seem to be working (at the moment 😉 ).  One is having Louise illustrate books while Lulu and I work.  Louise can usually entertain herself very well, but during school time she really jockeys for attention.  She loves to draw and write, though, so I staple together several blank pieces of paper and let her create.  Later, she narrates her story to me, and I write it in her book.  She’s written three or four books this week!
  • The other solution has to do with Lulu and encouraging her growing ability and interest in reading.  Up until this week, I’ve kept most of our phonics readers put away so that I can get them.  This week, I pulled them out and put them in a basket in our reading corner where she and Louise can get them.  It’s working!  She has voluntarily read more (and more challenging) books than she has up until this point!

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7 Responses

  1. This is a fantastic list, Amy!

    Oh, to have an unplanned Friday! That would’ve made my list for sure. 🙂

    We’re also awaiting the rain/sleet/snow mix, and I’m interested to see what will happen. I’m just thankful the highs are back down in the 30s and we can build fires again.

    Sound like Steady Eddie and Mr. Knightley have a lot in common. How blessed we are indeed!

    And I can so relate to reliving the honeymoon trip. I look forward to your upcoming post.

    Hooray for school solutions! Thanks for sharing your weekly felicities. Reading posts like these are so encouraging.

  2. OH! I just bought the Bob books and Bookworm1 has been asking me for them. He’s been sounding out letters and putting sounds together a bit. I feel like we’re close, but not quite there yet and I want to make sure I save these coveted Bob books (ha!) for when he’s really ready to launch! I love that Louise is making and writing books. That’s awesome!

    Yes, home schooling is all about flexibility. Thus I have so many great memories! It’s a great mom who can see what the most important thing is in the moment, and let her family focus on it. Playing and getting along IS important!

    I can’t WAIT to hear about your honeymoon trip!

    I hope you experience a restful and fun day with your girls!

    • Oh, Carrie, I know what you mean about hoarding books for just the right moment! 🙂 My problem is remembering them when that moment arrives!

  3. What a good idea for Lulu to illustrate and “write” her very own books! Creative writing is such a good thing for children of all ages, isn’t it? 😀

  4. […] course, Louise was included in this activity, too.  I’ve already mentioned that she loves making books, but as it turns out, she prefers a more open-ended exercise.  Her first page is of a lovely […]

  5. […] want to do that much.  Usually she has some say in what book she gets to read.  I keep a basket full of easy readers on our reading carpet in the school room.  These readers include the Bob books, various other […]

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