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The Week in Words


Melissa @ Breath of Life is starting up a fun, new carnival today, and I thought I’d join in.  It’s called The Week in Words, and the idea is just to share a quotation from something (magazine, blog, book–anything!) you’ve read in the last week.  I love quotations, and I especially love to save particularly compelling bits of the books I read, so this suits me just fine.

The last book I finished reading is The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, and my quote comes from it:

But why should I want to go to Zululand?  Why should I ever want anything but to live in Botswana, and to marry a Tswana girl?  I said to him that Zululand sounded fine, but that every man has a map in his heart of his own country and that the heart will never allow you to forget this map.  I told him that in Botswana we did not have the green hills that he had in his place, nor the sea, but we had the Kalahari and land that stretched farther than one could imagine.  I told him that if a man is born in a dry place, then although he may dream of rain, he does not want too much, and that he will not mind the sun that beats down and down.  So I never went with him to Zululand and I never saw the sea, ever.  But that has not made me unhappy, not once.

Isn’t that lovely?  I hope to have a post up about this terrific book in the next couple of days.


9 Responses

  1. Every time I read Zululand, it made me smile.

    A simply divine quote! Thanks for playing!

  2. I tried to get into this book but couldn’t, so I’m anxious to see your review. These books are so popular I feel like I SHOULD like them!

    BTW, I love where you are at with your blog now and I’ll keep watching. =)

  3. Loved the book. It’s full of wisdom, like this quote!

  4. Oh, what a great carnival (my kind of fun) … I want to play! Thanks for participating and introducing us to The Week in Words.

  5. I love how this series of books makes me feel like I know what it’s like to live in Botswana. It love the sense of “place” that the books present.

    I also just read one of his series that is set in Scotland. It does the same thing and the series is good, but I don’t love that series like I love the No. 1 Detective Agency series.

    Thanks for the quote. His writing in these books makes me feel like I should move to Africa. . .

  6. This looks like a fun carnival — such a neat idea! I love the passage you chose.

    Thanks for posting this.

  7. Look forward to your review of the whole book!

  8. Love this! I know I have a map in my heart. Great imagery.

  9. […] This book is all about characterization and nuance and the beauty of Africa.  (Check out this quotation, a lovely description by Precious’ father, to see what I mean.)  While reading this story, […]

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