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Maestro Classics

M.C. Tortoise and Hare

I am delighted to share a wonderful series I have been introduced to through my tenure on TOS HomeschoolCrew.  I was sent for review The Tortoise and the Hare, a production of the fable set to music, by Maestro Classics.   The music is, of course, not just any music, but beautiful symphonic arrangements played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Do any of you remember the old Merrie Melodies cartoons? (I’m assuming that most of you, if you’re even anywhere close to my age or older, will remember these.  They are classics!)  Listening to the Maestro Classics version of Tortoise and the Hare reminds me a lot of Merrie Melodies, and I consider this quite a compliment. Please, do click on the Maestro Classics link to hear for yourself just how lovely this is.    
Maestro Classics
The Tortoise and the Hare  is a part of Maestro Classics’ Stories in Music series.The Stories in Music series is so much more than just a collection of audiobooks.  The Tortoise and the Hare  CD is a few minutes short of an hour and includes the following:

  • a twenty minute telling of the story, complete with lots of symphonic accompaniment
  • a three minute explication of the historical background of the fable
  • a two minute replay of a song from the story 
  • a five minute explication of the music involved in the story
  • another telling of the story–“Now That You Know a Little More”
  • a two minute sing-along replay of the song

I imagine this CD would make a great addition to either units on orchestra music or fables–the content about both is rich.  Beyond that, it is just plain fun.  I would love to add the rest of the series to our collection.

Regular readers here at Hope Is the Word know that audiobooks are a staple in our household, so I was eager to share this with my girls.  They are accustomed to listening to full-length audiobooks in one hour segments, although they would often listen longer if I would permit it.  The difference in the Maestro Classics CDs and regular audiobooks is obviously the music, and I’m not sure my girls, at ages five and four,  are ready to listen that discriminatingly.  That is not to say that the story itself was too complex–just that my girls are accustomed to a very linear telling of a story, with very few frills and extra sound effects.  However, despite the lukewarm reception, I am not willing to give up on this resource so easily.  I plan to hang onto it and hopefully even add to our collection.  I will reintroduce it again later, after the girls have had a chance to mature a little in their listening skills.

Currently there are seven titles in the Stories in Music series.  They are available for purchase for $16.98 each or three for $45.00.  Considering the potential that each of these individual titles would have for successive sessions of listening enjoyment, I would definitely consider this money well spent.  Please be sure to visit TOS HomeschoolCrew blog for more reviews of this fantastic product!

This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.


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