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All About Spelling

spellingAs a part of TOS HomeschoolCrew, I was blessed with the opportunity a few months back to use All About Spelling in our homeschool here at the House of Hope.  Admittedly, since my girls are still so young, I had doubts about the usefulness of this program right now in our schooling.  Lulu has made fine progress in her reading, and Louise is not too far behind her.  However, spelling instruction is not something that I feel is necessary in the early, early primary years–in this case, kindergarten and pre-kindergarten.  Of course, since I had All About Spelling in hand as a reviewer, I gave it a go. Photobucket While I have not thoroughly used this program, so far as I have been able to use it, I am sold on it.  I hope to use this program in the future, perhaps even beginning next year. 

As a home educator, one thing I appreciate about this program is the fact that it is laid out in a very organized way.  There is no guess-work involved in the planning of the lessons.  The program is literally set forth in a step-by-step process; the only “wiggle room” is that each step can take as long as necessary, which is actually a plus since all children progress at different rates.  There is some preparation necessary at the outset of beginning this program; small, magnetized letter tiles are used as manipulatives in this program, and they must be cut out and have the magnets adhered to them.  I managed to do this in two sessions:  one while watching a thirty-minute episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show and the other waiting for my name to be called at the obstetrician’s office.  I would estimate that no more than an hour’s worth of work is involved.

As I already mentioned, All About Spelling uses letter tiles for the phonograms to be used as manipulatives.  It also includes flashcards to be used for review before beginning a new lesson.  All About Spelling capitalizes on the idea of multisensory learning in that the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways are utilized.  It is obviously heavily based on phonics; so far as I can tell, the emphasis is on learning to “deconstruct” the words, rather than rote memorization.  For this reason, I would think that  All About Spelling would be appropriate to use with even young children who are learning to read through phonics.  While I have chosen not to continue to include spelling as one of our core subjects at this time, I can tell by the introductory lessons we did together that AAS is a program that would fit very naturally with our phonics program; thus, I look forward to using it in our homeschool in the future.  All About Spelling is comprised of six levels, and according to the website, students who complete all six levels should be spelling at a high school level by the end of the program. 

If you’re looking for a systematic way to teach spelling, AAS is an affordable choice.  The starter kit, which includes the letter tiles, magnets, and a phonogram CD-ROM, all of which will be used in all six levels, is available for $26.95.  The teacher’s manual and one student packet for level one is available for a cost of $29.95; each level beyond level one costs $39.95.  Pricing is also available if multiple students are being taught, etc.  Go here for all the details.   

For more reviews of All About Spelling, be sure to visit the TOS HomeschoolCrew blog

This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.


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