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What’s on My Nightstand

I’m not sure if any of my regular readers (!!!!) have noticed that things have been quieter than usual around these parts lately, but there is a reason for it.  It might best be explained by what’s on my nightstand (besides the requisite books, which I’ll get to in a moment).  For about the past month, some sort of food has frequently been found there, and I can assure you that I’m not someone who usually eats in bed. Specifically, I have attempted the much-lauded saltine crackers as an early-morning antidote, but I have found that something bland and, well, less crunchy is my food of choice. 

Yes, dear readers, I am pregnant.  A new little lad or lassie will be coming to the House of Hope some time around the first of June.  🙂  The girls are EXCITED, Steady Eddie and I are excited, and all is well, relatively speaking.

Honestly, though, pregnancy puts me in quite a funk.  The near-constant nausea is accompanied by a bad case of what we call in the South the “can’t help its.”  What that means is, I lack motivation to do ‘most anything.  Unfortunately, that even includes reading sometimes, and it most definitely does include blogging almost all of the time.  This has put something of a crimp in my Big Book Push plans, but I am soldiering on.  Right now I am somewhere in the middle of A Tale of Two Cities and I’ve almost finished The Penderwicks on Gardam Street (review forthcoming, maybe even tomorrow!).

I have had a dreadful time, though, settling on anything to read.  I’ve tried several, spending the most time on but ultimately abandoning A Walk with Jane Austen by Lori SmithIt just didn’t appeal to me–what I read seemed mostly about her love life (or lack thereof), and honestly, I’m just not that into reading about others’ romantic escapades.  I thought it needed editing; I couldn’t follow the strand I really wanted to read–the Jane Austen part.  My go-to book on days when I couldn’t get into anything has been The Well-Trained Mind.  For real. 

So, for better or worse, here’s the list of what I’ve reviewed since last month’s Nightstand post:

That’s it. 

My girls and I have enjoyed a few chapter books, though.  We’ve read (and LOVED) the lengthy Tumtum and Nutmeg:  Adventures Beyond Nutmouse Hall , as well as the shorter Louisa May Alcott tale An Old-Fashioned ThanksgivingWe are currently stalled out in The Family Under the Bridge, but  I hope to revive it after Thanksgiving; it’s turning out to be a nice Christmas story.

As for the future and my own personal reading, who can say?  I have a couple of Christmas tales I wouldn’t mind revisiting, but my only concrete goal for the rest of November (!!!) is to get through A Tale of Two Cities.  I’m enjoying it, but that Dickens, he is dense.  🙂  (His writing, I mean.)

Would you like to find out what others (more voracious than I) are reading?  Check out more Nightstand posts at 5 Minutes for Books!


22 Responses

  1. Congratulations!

    I wondered, awhile back when you were getting misty-eyed over ‘Owl Babies,’ if something was cooking… 🙂

    Blessings to the House of Hope!

    • 🙂 , Janet! It doesn’t take MUCH to make me misty-eyed, actually, and it is more the prospect of NOT having another baby that was likely to do that. I’m crankier, but not much more emotional otherwise, when I’m pregnant. It’s a barrel of monkeys for everybody, I’ll tell you. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I have noticed that it’s been quiter and I’m glad to hear it’s for a happy reason! Be well and God’s blessings on you and your family!

  3. Congratulations! So excited for you! 😀

  4. Congratulations!!

    I popped over and read your review of Winter Birds. I feel the same way about many of Turner’s main characters — I don’t really like them at first, but I like where they end up.

    I have Same Kind of Different on my TBR shelf. I would not have normally chosen it, but it came highly recommended by a friend.

    I loved A Tale of Two Cities. I’d love to read it again sometimes, but though I love Dickens, he is a little hard to get through.

  5. I didn’t really like A Walk with Jane Austen either, and for similar reasons.

    I get terribly sick during my pregnancies and spend the better part of the first 5 months in bed. I doubt that <The Well-Trained Mind would be my go-to book during those times 😉

    congratulations on your new little one. How exciting! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.

  6. Does “can’t helps its” apply to plain ol moms that aren’t pregnant. I swear I’ve got some sort of motivation problem.

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Have you tried listening to books on tape when you feel too yuck to read? I listened to A Tale of Two Cities (library loan) on my mp3 player and it was delightful because of the wonderful accents of the reader.

    Blessings on your new baby!

    • That’s a great idea, Lisa! My problem is my two girls are home with me all the time, so time available for me to “plug in” is somewhat scarce. However, that would be a delightful way to spend rest time. . . Why haven’t I already thought of this, especially since that’s how the girls spend their rest times?

      Pregnancy brain. Hmph.

  8. Congratulations, Amy! I’m so excited for you all. I’ll be praying that the nausea is short-lived and the second trimester will cure the “can’t help its.” However, like Jess, my own non-pregnant motivation has been waning indecently.

  9. Congratulations! It’s so hard to do much of anything in the beginning of a pregnancy, I remember it well. 🙂

    Good luck!!

  10. I can understand The Well-Trained Mind as a go-to book when you don’t feel up to anything else. I could read that book endlessly–I’ve probably checked it out of my local library a half dozen times (and I’m a single woman with no children!)

    Congratulations on the new one coming–I hope you start feeling better as well.

  11. =D Congrats from me again! =D I’m (still) SO EXCITED for you! =D (Hence all the smilies, I guess.)

    Well, we’ll “soldier on” waiting to see what you pop up with in blog land and in the meantime, I hope you are getting the rest your body craves!

  12. Congrats!

    I’ve been meaning to read some Dickens (post-high school Dickens!).

  13. Congratulations to you and your family!

  14. I love the Penderwicks series. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Have you heard of the Betsy Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. I have just discovered them. 🙂

  15. Congratulations!

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who abandoned A Walk with Jane Austen. I felt exactly the same way and gave up before the Jane Austen part.

    I love the Penderwicks and recently read Tumtum and Nutmeg.

  16. Congratulations! Very exciting news. And congrats on nearly finishing A Tale of Two Cities. This is on my list of books to read, I had hoped to read it in 2009, but it’s going to carry over to my 2010 list. I read the second Penderwick book and loved it. Can’t wait for the third book to come out. And I’m really curious about that Tumtum and Nutmeg story, I saw it at B&N the other day and marked it down to check out when I have time.

  17. Congratulations! I hope your reading an blogging motivations come back soon, but even more I hope you have a healthy baby come June.

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