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Virginia Soaps and Scents

PhotobucketAs a member of TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a nice little package of products from Virginia Soaps and Scents to try out for review.  I received several bars of soap, a shampoo bar, and a baggie of laundry soap.  By now I have used all of the products at least once, so I can truthfully offer my experience and opinions. 

The soaps are nice and have a pleasant scent.  I have used Fresh Orange and Oatmeal and Honey, and while I prefer the citrus scent over the milder and sweeter Oatmeal and Honey, both were at least tolerable.  (I have issues with scents sometimes.  I admit it.  As much as I like to bake, I do not like to smell like something that comes out of the oven.)  The soaps lather nicely and leave the skin very soft, noticeably softer than the deodorant soap I usually use.  These soaps contain olive and/or soy oil, as well as coconut oil.  These soaps provide a very soothing alternative to harsh detergent soaps if you’re in the market for such. 

The shampoo bar, however, was a different story, at least for me.  I tried the shampoo bar on two different occasions, the first time using it only one day and the second time using it two consecutive days.  I have fine hair but I have plenty of it, and it has a tendency to be unmanageable at the slightest provocation.  I also wash it daily, so it tends to be a little oily.  I use very little styling products (a little mousse and a little spray), but I do blow dry it daily, as well.  I think my hair just isn’t a good candidate, or maybe I’m not a good candidate for something so out of my routine, but two days’ use of this was all I could tolerate.  It left my hair feeling weighted down and coated, almost like I hadn’t washed it in several days.  I fully intended to use it long enough to let my hair adjust, but I just couldn’t go past two days.  Those with other hair types might find this chemical-free alternative to shampoo to their liking, but my fine and flat hair just couldn’t take it. 

A few years back, Steady Eddie and I experimented with making our own laundry detergent and actually did so for a little while.  Thus, the little laundry soap mini kit that I received was nothing new to me.  The soap does not suds like store-bought laundry detergent, but other than that, it does a fine job.  This is something that can be made at home with a little effort (and some ingredients which can be purchased through Virginia Soaps and Scents) or, you can purchase  the kit through this company and let them do the grating of the bar soap for you.  Either way, it’s a cheapter alternative to your usual boxed or bottled detergent.

I am impressed by the overall spirit of this homegrown business.  It’s interesting and inspirational to me that this whole venture started as a homeschooling lesson.  However, I am partial to my own deodorant soap (see scent issues above), so I don’t think I’ll be switching.  However, I would definitely consider some of these products as a gift for someone who enjoys pampering more than I. 

You can read more reviews of Virginia Soaps and Scents here.  

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These products were sent to me free of charge for review purposes.


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