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As a member of TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a trial membership of abcteach in order to review it.  abcteach is a huge database that boasts over 35,000 pages of educational worksheets, activities, etc.  Both because my children are so young and because of my own educational philosophy and preferences, I do not use worksheets much at all in our homeschool.  However, two things that I did utilize from abcteach that I liked a lot are file folder games and the abctools custom worksheet generators.  Many days I look for something for Louise to do (I still haven’t perfected planning for the preschooler in our house yet!), and a simple file folder math game from abcteach is one thing I have used to give Louise something fun and educational to do during her learning time.   The abcteach feature that I was most excited about using, though, was the abctools custom worksheet generator, mainly because it includes handwriting pages.  We use the Handwriting Without Tears, so the standard handwriting pages readily available online and in stores often do not match this particular style.  abcteach includes the HWT font in abctools!  Although I found this program to be a little unwieldy to use, it is no more difficult to use than any of the worksheet generating programs I used when I was a classroom teacher.  I was pleased to be able to give Lulu her own customized handwriting practice sheets, and she was pretty excited about them, too.  (Well, as excited as she gets over handwriting!  😉  )

Membership to abcteach is available for individuals or for groups up to nine people for $40/year or $70/two years.  The cost for larger groups goes down, of course, as the size of the group increases.  If you are a classroom teacher, I would think this would be a great resource.  If you teach by unit studies in your homeschool, or if your children thrive on worksheets/coloring sheets/etc., then this would be a great resource for your homeschool.  At this point in our home education, I’m not sure that the handwriting sheets alone are enough to warrant a subscription to this service for us, but as my children get older, I will definitely keep this site in mind.

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To read more reviews of abcteach, please visit the Homeschool Crew blog.

This resource was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.


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