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More Books Monday

I haven’t done a More Books Monday post in a while, mainly because these posts were adding to my TBR list at an alarming rate.  As slowly as I read, it will take me two years just to read the books I’ve acquired in the past couple of months.  And yet the list still grows. . .  🙂

However, this week’s More Books Monday is not about books I want to read.  Instead, I’m sharing about a couple of book finds I’ve happened across in the last month that I thought might help you all stretch your book/education/gift giving budgets just a bit. 

You all know how much I love my library, right?  I love, love, love it.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, though, that it took actually going to library school myself for me to realize that I didn’t have to buy every book I want–I can just check them out and let someone else keep them for me when I’m through.  That was a true epiphany, and one for which Steady Eddie is forever grateful. 

However, there are some books that we just need.  Since we are actively engaged in educating our children at home , I am always on the lookout for books on our list (i.e. Five in a Row titles, curriculum, etc.) wherever I go.  The girls and I went to Sam’s Club with my mom back last month, and if you know anything at all about Sam’s Club, you know they have a huge selection of books of all kinds.  I was really surprised, though, to find Bob Books sets there!  We already had Set 1, which I hate to admit we paid full price for at our local big box bookstore.  The sets I found at Sam’s are larger in size, and they are more of a kit–they include stickers, a door hanger, etc.  Best of all, though, they were only about $10 a set!  I couldn’t find an exact link on Amazon to share, but it might be worth a trip to Sam’s if you’re in need of some very basic phonics readers.

The other find happened just a couple of weekends ago.  Our Kohl’s department store has a display near the cash registers for their Kohl’s Cares for Kids merchandise.  I have found some great books there for $5 each.  In my world, this is a great price for a new book, not to mention the fact that these books are usually high quality literature.  Our latest purchases there were books by Steve Jenkins.  We’ve already enjoyed  What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? , so I knew we needed a copy of it for our own home library. We also purchased Biggest, Strongest, Fastest and Actual Size , and although we have yet to read these (I’m waiting for a serendipitous educational opportunity 😉 ), I’m pretty sure they’ll be winners, too.

I call that $15 well spent! 

Do you have any favorite, unexpected places to purchase books?  Do share!

Have a marvelous Monday!


6 Responses

  1. We have a pretty GOOD sized “Friends of the Library booksale” once a year that involves standing outside of the fairgrounds for an hour waiting to get inside. (It’s a HUGE ordeal.) Otherwise, I do a lot of book buying at our local Goodwill, actually. We have a great Goodwill store that is clean and efficiently operated and organized. I pick up lots of books for $0.99 or sometimes even $0.49!

  2. My library doesn’t have an annual booksale like yours, but it does have a year-round super nice bookstore inside the library. When the library was built, they built a room just for the bookstore. It’s the best one I’ve ever seen inside a library.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about a rapidly growing TBR list as the result of blog reading, Amy. So many books, so little time! 🙂

    Like Carrie, my local libraries have annual (or sometimes bi-annual) book sales, and because I get such great deals, I tend to go way overboard. In fact, I really need to winnow the chaff I’ve accumulated over the years.

    • Oh, the possibilities are truly endless, aren’t they? I was at a bookstore just yesterday and saw the new “A.A. Milne estate approved” Winnie-the-Pooh book. I didn’t buy it, but oh, I wanted to!

  4. I can see I’ll have to brave the mind-dulling, color-deprived, consumer-stockyard universe of Sam’s Club today!! We have 3 sets of Bob books and would love more. Thanks for the tip!

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