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Reading My Library

Reading My LibraryCarrie of Reading to Know has a brand-spanking-new blog built on a very exciting and interesting proposition:  she is challenging herself to “read her libray.”  That is, she is attempting to check out all of the picture books at her library, going alphabetically by author’s last name, and read them all.  You can read more about her plan in her own words here

Now, this just tickles me, and I’ve been pondering how I can participate in this fun undertaking.  Honestly, we are already pretty much “reading our library.”  I joke that by the time my girls are out of picture books entirely (like, say, when they’re thirty 😉 ), I will have checked out all the books in our library and probably started in on the other area libraries.  I’m not sure I could keep up with two regular projects based on picture books.  Read Aloud Thursday is already a big (and well loved!) undertaking for me. 

Then the lightbulb went off.

It occurred to me that I could attempt the same thing in the juvenile and young adult sections of the library.  After thinking for a moment about this plan, this is what I decided to do:

  • Browse a section of the juvenile fiction and/or young adult fiction stacks each month and choose at least one title from one or both of these sections.
  • Try to pick an author (or at least a book) I’ve never read.
  • Respond to that book in a “Reading My Library” post before the month’s out.

Sound good?  I think so.  Of course, if I progress at the rate of one letter per month, it will take me just over two years to finish this.  But that’s okay.

I can hardly wait to get started!

Thanks, Carrie, for the inspiration!


7 Responses

  1. Neat idea! And you’ve thought of a great way to participate. It’ll help you preview the books your girls will grow into — something I’m beginning to think about for myself.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  2. “Thanks, Carrie, for the inspiration.” Yeah. Right back at you! ;D haha!

    Of course I like your idea though. And thanks for the mention also!


  3. Thanks a lot Carrie! More books….and since Amy is originally the one behind this for you my apologies to your husband…..

  4. […] me two years just to read the books I’ve acquired in the past couple of months.  And yet the list still grows. . . […]

  5. LOL to Steady Eddie! ;D hahahaha….

  6. […] My own Reading My Library challenge (inspired by Carrie’s, of course) barely got off the ground last year, but I hope to pick up with the Cs ASAP. […]

  7. […] long before I had any real intention of reading the book.  I actually picked up the book for my Reading My Library self-challenge; I stalled out on C at the end of last year.  However, after going back to review Sherry’s […]

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