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Mystery Flower

mystery flowerI don’t usually post on the weekends, but I wanted to share this picture in hopes that someone could help me identify this flower.  These bright, spindly fellows have been cropping up in yards all around our neighborhood, and for the life of me I can’t remember seeing them before now.  I’m sure they were there, but this awareness of the wide variety of flora that surrounds us has only recently come over me.  🙂  Isn’t this plant gorgeous in a strange, almost creepy way? 

This flower grows on a stalk about twelve to eighteen inches off the ground.  I would’ve taken a better picture of the whole plant, but right after I snapped this one, Louise began screaming because she was being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes as big as hummingbirds.  I’m not sure if the abudance of rain we’ve received here in the Southeast is responsible for this interesting specimen of a flower, but I know it is responsible for the plague of mosquitoes and bumper crop of mushrooms we’re having.

Although we haven’t enjoyed being cooped up inside so much lately, the girls and I have enjoyed looking for mushrooms in our neighbors’ yards as we drive.  Yesterday we saw a huge fairy ring!  Oddly enough, a few yards down from this fairy ring, we saw a fairy ring of flowers like the one I’m trying to identify.

What do you make of it?  I’ve searched my favorite wildflower database to no avail.  Although I will be very embarrassed if it turns out to be something I should be able to readily identify, I’ll mainly just be happy to have this mystery solved.  🙂


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