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Nutrition 101 by Growing Healthy Homes

PhotobucketNutrition 101:  Choose Life!  is a complete health and nutrition curriculum produced by Growing Healthy Homes.  This book, which is  available both in CD-ROM and actual bound book form, is just shy of 450 pages of information about the major body systems, common health issues associated with them, and the effects of food choices.  This curriculum is divided into six units, and each unit is broken up into four chapters.  Each chapter ends with a section of discussion questions, activities, and resources, as well as recipes showcasing foods which contain nutrients that affect that particular body system.  For example, in the chapter on the nervous system, one of the recipes is potato salad with flaxseed oil–hold the mayo.  Activities at the end of the chapters and units include everything from word meanings to math problems, science experiments to research activities.  This is truly a unit study approach to nutrition.

Nutrition 101:  Choose Life!   is very colorful, with lots of charts, diagrams, and pictures.  The diagrams are clearly labeled, large, and colorful.  This curriculum has plenty of visual appeal.

The authors of this curriculum have covered all the bases for a nutrition study, and they’ve done it from a Biblical perspective.  I think this would be perfect for upper elementary schoolers and up; high school students could very use this curriculum with no help.  Although my children are too young to use it, I plan to hold onto it for future use! 

This is not an inexpensive curriculum; it ranges in price from $79.95 to $129.95, depending on the format you choose.  However, it truly is all-inclusive, so if you’re looking for a nutrition or home-economics curriculum, this would fill the need very well.

I received this curriculum for review as a part of my tenure on TOS Homeschool Crew.  Please go here if you’d like to read more reviews.

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