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Caught Reading #3–A Sweet Surprise

IMG_4281Louise has shown a lot of  interest in learning to read since Lulu began kindergarten.  She surprised me that first week by blending sounds into words very well.  She is eager and willing to work with sounds and words wherever and whenever we are.  In fact, last weekend we were at Target, walking through the women’s clothing, and she was happily sounding out pat:   “Puh-ah-t!”  A fellow shopper overhead, noticed, and commented.  She asked me Louise’s age and noted that she herself used to teach kindergarten and had spent the last day in a phonics workshop or some such.  I am as surprised by Louise’s interest and ability as much as anybody, but I also realize that at almost four with a sister a scant eighteen months older, she is ahead of the game on instruction and motivation, too.   On Saturday, she surprised and delighted us by sitting down at the kitchen table with Margaret Wise Brown’s Big Red Barn and diligently working on it for several minutes.   I never dreamed this would happen so soon and (so far) so effortlessly after this, but I’ll take it.


6 Responses

  1. Yup, I’d take it too! =) Yesterday he learned to spell his name and he seemed to pick up on the concept that letters make sounds that help you form words to read. =) Moving along!

  2. Isn’t it great to have a very motivated learner? My daughter is the same way. She was reading before four, is now five and doing addition with carrying. It’s so much fun for me that I want to tell the world, but it sounds so bragadocious. So I try to keep it to myself. (Since you don’t know me, so I can brag away.) 🙂

    • Oh, shameless mommy brags are completely welcome, at least in the bloggy world. 😉 It is a lot of fun! 🙂

  3. Good for Louise! (and her mommy!)

  4. […] who is 3 3/4, has been tagging along a little behind Lulu, and she has recently begun blending those short vowel, c-v-c words herself.  I don’t know that Rocket Phonics is entirely responsible for this, but the enthusiasm […]

  5. Good job, all of you! That’s one of our favorite books, as well. 🙂

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