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Messy Monday

color wheel garland

I have grand plans when it comes to crafting with my children, but I don’t usually carry them out.  The mess factor deters me too often, but I am turning over a new leaf as a homeschooling mother.  😉  My goal is to do something intentionally artistic with them at least once a week.  Often these projects will relate to our current Five in a Row selection.  However, for our first week of kindergarten, I was inspired by the September 2009 issue of Family Fun magazine.  When my eyes caught the blurb below the title of this craft in the magazine, I knew I had found something perfect for us:  “Color Wheel Garland:  This project involves ripping paper and swabbing on glue–which made it irresistable to our preschool testers.”  I can do this, I thought. 

I had to let go of my perfectionism (an ongoing task), but it was worth it.  The girls had a great time choosing pages to tear out of our used-bookstore issue magazines (recyling!), ripping them into bits (fine motor skills!), categorizing them by color (sorting!), and mod-podging them to the cardboard circles I had prepared from old cereal boxes  (motor skills, mess, and recycling!).  A few hours’ drying time, some trimming, and we have a colorful garland to hang in our work-in-progress school room window. 

I might get used to this.  🙂

(For more kid-friendly artistic inspiration, check out The Crafty Crow.  I’ve seen this blog around for a while, but I’m only beginning to investigate it.  I think it will be a great resource for us!)


6 Responses

  1. Hi Amy,

    I really enjoyed your article. Great links, too.
    What you describe is actually what my wife does. I am trapped in a day job 😉
    I subscribed to your blog via Google Reader some time ago.
    Are you on twitter?

    All the best,
    Carsten from Austria

    • No, Carsten, I’m not. 😦 I’m afraid I spend way too much time on the computer as it is. 😉

      Thanks for commenting!!

  2. I saw this project in Family Fun just this weekend. I’m glad your girls had fun!

  3. Hey, this looks neat! Anything that involves INTENTIONAL shredding and glue would be a big hit around here. I too want to get over my resistance to messes and do more intentional art with the girls.

    It’s an effort for me, though — Last week we did one of the Story of the World activities that involved digging a mine in a bucket of flour to retrieve m&m’s at the bottom. Mining is a dirty business. Other than that, I’m not sure what was learned!

  4. […] Unfortunately, I am often not struck with creative inspiration until the eleventh hour.  Such was the case last Tuesday, the first day of autumn.  Lulu had garnered this little tidbit of information somewhere, and she was champing at the bit for some fun art activity to celebrate the  arrival of fall ere I even hinted there might be an artistic pursuit that day.  I began to cast about in all my usual places for inspiration, but every project I found required either art supplies we did not have on hand or leaves that had not been subjected to two weeks of almost incessant rain.  Finally, I donned my own thinking cap and came up with the idea of making our own seasonal decorations for our work-in-progress school room to complement our first handmade garland gracing the right-hand window. […]

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