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Lisa Leonard Designs Jewelry Giveaway at Simple Mom Blog

This is really unusual for my blog, but I can’t resist posting about it because a.) I love this jewelry and b.) I don’t usually buy things like this for myself and c.)by posting, I’m one entry closer to winning a piece of it.  There you have it–justification for this non-bookish, non-schoolish post.  🙂

Simple Mom blog is giving away three $50 gift certificates from Lisa Leonard Designs!  Lisa Leonard’s handcrafted style just suits me–simple, sweet, and sterling silver.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but if I were to ever secure one of these lovely pieces (hint, hint, Steady Eddie, if you’re reading this 😉 ), I’m sure that I’d find a reason to put it on almost every day.  Just because.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces:

Lisa Leonard family tree


Lisa Leonard monogram

Obviously, these are personalizable and hand-crafted.  Lovely.

Check out Simple Mom for your chance to win!


One Response

  1. like the design. simple yet unique

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