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In Search of Sunflowers Part III

SE & girls walking

While I meandered along, snapping pictures of all the pretty things I saw, Steady Eddie and the girls marched resolutely on in search of sunflowers.  One thing I love about him is his determination–he keeps at something until it’s done.  No sunflowers in sight?  Keep looking! 

Actually, by this time we had figured out that what we had assumed was the observation deck was most definitely not the observation deck; what we saw looming in the distance, however, was.  We had a goal now.  We still hadn’t seen the first hint of a sunflower, but we knew where we were going. 

observation deck view

The view from the deck:  still, no sunflowers in sight.  We had walked a fair distance by this time, and Steady Eddie was technically on his lunch break.  We decided to call it quits and return to our van.  Oh well.  At least we saw some interesting flowers and got a little bit of exercise.  I was beginning to wonder if maybe we had gotten it all wrong, that perhaps we missed the directions entirely.  When we got to the end of the road we had turned on to climb up the observation deck, a pickup truck (pulling a camper, no less) met us, and the driver rolled down his window to ask us about. . . sunflowers.  He had some senior protraits to take, and they had apparently envisioned a huge, lush field of the gigantic beauties, same as us.  Nope, nothing, we said.  He opted to keep on going down the road past the observation deck, while we headed back in the opposite direction.

My gallant husband offered to jog back to the van and drive to pick us up, and we accepted his offer.  The girls were not complaining, but I knew they were hot and tired.  I sure was. 

It was looking like Steady Eddie was going to have to call it a day at work anyway (we had spent probably a good hour and a half on this venture by now), so he decided to follow the lead of the photographer in the pickup truck and drive back in the direction we had been walking.  You already know how this ends. 

sunflower field

While they certainly weren’t what I had in mind, we were tickled to see them.  Only about as tall as Louise, they all hung their heavy heads.  (I’m sure there’s a message in this somewhere.)  

Flowers are miracles, aren’t they?   

sunflower in field

sunflower in field 2

Steady Eddie showed the girls the seeds. 

sunflower in hand

I call that an afternoon well spent, despite the heat.  Taking family outings like this is one of my favorite things to do, and it’s the part of homeschooling I look forward to the most.  I hope we can incorporate a lot of nature study into what we do.

You know that there has to be some books involved in this story somehow.  🙂  Come back on Wednesday to find out!


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  1. Glad you finally arrived at the sunflowers! 🙂 We grew some in out backyard this summer and while they took a while to open up, by the time they were done they were at least 10 feet tall. The girls loved them!

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