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How to Pick a School Room Color

window with primer on wall

We’re coming to the end of our project, but there are still countless trips to this store and that to pick up what we lack to bring it to completion.  Steady Eddie and I usually do things together when we can, so most Saturday excursions are family outings.  However, this past Saturday he had a good two hours’ worth of work to do in the attic, and we are ready to stamp a big “DONE” on our remodeling project.  So, I got the girls ready and headed out the door to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and then to Lowe’s to buy everything we needed to finish our project plus the kitchen sink.  (Not really, but it felt that way.)  My objectives at the home improvement store were twofold:  buy stuff to go on the walls (primer and paint) and things to help us see while keeping us cool (ceiling fans–we live in the South, y’all).  The paint and primer I was good with–I’ve done that before, never mind the fact that I still hadn’t picked out a wall color.  The ceiling fans I wasn’t so confident about:  What size fan do we really need for the laundry room?  The larger school room?  What type of lights is best if this will be our only source?  Flush mount or hanging?  (Actually, I knew this one–hanging, due to the high ceilings.) 

 The girls and I went into the store, they having been duly warned, snacked and watered.  We headed to the paint section, and I began studying the chips.  The girls surveyed the lay of the land and proceeded to pick out the one chip or paint folder that I allotted them.  Oh, the joy!  I commented to a fellow shopper that I’d just about pay someone to do this for me, and then I noted that people actually do that, right?  She asked if I was building a house.  No, I said, just enclosing a garage.  Perish the thought, my internal commentary ran–I don’t think I could ever make that many decisions.  I finally settled on what I thought would make a nice, soothing color for the walls and proceeded to get in line behind the other two or three customers already at the paint desk.  After standing there a few minutes, I decided that perhaps going on to pick out our ceiling fans would be a better use of my time (which was quickly slipping by).  I would come back later when (hopefully) the paint desk was not as busy. 

Ths is where the fun really began, folks.  I stood under those fifty or so spinning fans, peering up and trying to read the attached signs blowing in the gentle breeze.  42 inches?  52 inches?   Call Steady Eddie.  Tell the girls I can’t talk to them right now–I’m talking to dad.  Repeat.  Stand peering again.  Call him back.  Discuss more.  Remind the girls not to push the cart while we’re standing there.  Repeat.  Steady Eddie and I  finally decided that we needed fans with the open lights because we need all the light we can get.  We also decided to go with the 42″ fans in the school room, which Steady Eddie based upon the size of the fan in our kitchen.  Surely a smaller fan would work in the laundry room.  Okay, done. 

Well, not quite.  Steady Eddie’s one stipulation was that the light fixtures take regular bulbs, not the candelabra base bulbs that was printed on every box I saw.  I asked the helpful Lowe’s employee, and he informed me that such light fixtures are no longer legal on ceiling fans.  Something about energy conservation.  Huh.  Another decision made for me.  Yay!

I finally hefted three boxes full of ceiling fan boxes into my cart and headed back to the paint desk, which was deserted.  Praise the Lord!  About this time, I looked down at the paint chip and realized the name of the paint I had picked out. 



Prairie Sky.  If you’re a regular reader here, you know that my girls adore Little House on the Prairie in all its incarnations–original books, picture book, television show, audiobook–all of them.  Could it be more fitting that our school room be painted prairie sky?

window corner block with paint

This project is looking up, folks.  It’s looking up.

(If I’m not around again until Read Aloud Thursday, you’ll know why.)


4 Responses

  1. LOVE the color you picked out! LOVE it! LOVE it!

    And I love “warned, snacked and watered.” HAHA!

  2. Love the color…and loved your journey!

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