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Bumble Bee’s Passion (In Search of Sunflowers Part II)

purple flower

(Go here to read “In Search of Sunflowers Part I.”)

Our sunflower search continued down that gravel road.  It was a hot day–in the mid-90s, I would guess, in Alabama humidity and full sun.  I was glad to have my camera along, though, because even though the sunflowers were elusive, I saw all sorts of other beautiful and interesting things that made the sweat worthwhile.  The girls had a good time, too–discovering all sorts of treasures, chasing butterflies, etc.–the kind of fun kids can only have when they’re out-of-doors with nothing else to do. 

By far the best thing I photographed on this search was this, some close-ups of a purple passion flower and a visiting bumble bee.  I think these flowers are so pretty and unique looking–sort of like a sea anemone.  I got as close to the bee with my fixed 50 mm lens as I dared . . .

bee 1

bee 2

bee 3

Coming up next week:  In Search of Sunflowers Part III!


3 Responses

  1. Awesome pics!

    My girls shreik and run at the first hint of a bumblebee.

  2. Amy,
    Great photos of the wildflowers. When I was a child, we called the Passion Flower “maypops”.

    There is a local wildflower society that is great!

  3. […] I meandered along, snapping pictures of all the pretty things I saw, Steady Eddie and the girls marched resolutely on in search of sunflowers.  One thing I love about […]

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