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14 Cows for America Winners!

  Good Monday morning! We have a couple of winners for the 14 Cows for America book giveawayRandom.org generated the numbers 1 and 4, so Tristan and Debbie, you are the winners!  🙂  Look for an email in your inbox soon!

I enjoyed reading what all the commenters had to say about their memories of September 11.  I remember the day very clearly:  I was sitting outside the school where my mother-in-law taught, waiting to go in to teach drug prevention lessons for my job through a mental health center.  (I can’t believe I actually used to do that!)  I heard it on the radio.  It was very surreal.  Sometimes I still can’t believe it actually happened. 

Tristan and Debbie, you are getting a wonderful resource to use to deal with a very painful topic.  Congratulations!


One Response

  1. I was just opening up the reception area of hte law firm I was working at. I had turned on the movie Bambi when one of my attorneys dashed in and changed the channel on the tv. My best friend was supposed to be flying out of the DC area that day so I was frantic to get a hold of her and make sure she was not on any of those flights!

    Not a day I’d like to relive, that’s for sure!

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