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Superstar Readers!

superstar reader

This year our library gave away these great yard signs as one of the prizes for completing the summer reading program. The girls also got the sign topper to display in their room. I thought this was a neat idea–much better than cheap-o toys and candy we just don’t need. They also gave away library-themed coloring books. I think the girls like the signs, but Lulu was a little concerned when we planted this one in our yard that someone would think our house is for sale. (She had a nightmare last night that we had “selled” our house.)

Do any of you participate in summer reading programs? What kind of goodies do you get for reading? (Isn’t it great that we get prizes for doing something we love to do?!?!)


3 Responses

  1. Ha ha! Your poor daughter! =)

    We JUST signed up for our library reading program for kids aged birth to 4. (It’s a Curious George theme.) In the end, they get a free book so I figured it would be fun!

  2. Our library always gives away family tickets to our local baseball team, passes to the children’s museum, a kid’s meal to Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen blizzards…they ROCK! 🙂 This year they added roller skating passes. Now I have to go roller skating. Lovely!

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