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Kids’ Pick–The Froggy Books by Jonathan London

kidspicks For this month’s Kids’ Picks post, I thought I’d highlight a fun, fun series of books that is a staple here at the House of Hope.  In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t already mentioned them, they are so popular ’round these parts.  We own a few of the Froggy books ourselves, and one or two often sneaks its way into our book cart at the library. (We ditched the bag a few weeks ago in favor of a rolling cart and haven’t looked back!)  Jonathan London is a very prolific writer, and out of his eighty or so published pictured books, around twenty of them are books about this lovable, clumsy young frog.

My girls find Froggy and his escapades hilarious, and there really is a Froggy book for almost any situation a young child might face.  Ones that have been particularly appealing to us at this stage of life and development have been Froggy Learns to Swim, Froggy Goes to the Doctor, and Froggy Gets Dressed.  After reading Froggy Learns to Swim, I found myself using Froggy’s mom’s method of swimming instruction during our next trip to the swimming pool. (“Chicken, airplane, soldier!”)  Reading about Froggy’s trip to the doctor came in handy just before Lulu’s trip to the pediatrician for her five year old check up.  (We just wish Froggy had gotten a shot in the book since Lulu had to–that would’ve been even better preparation! 😉 ).  Froggy Gets Dressed is the first Froggy book we ever enjoyed, so it was this book that hooked us on Froggy’s inimitable voice.  These books are full of onomatopoeia which make them a fun read aloud.  Let me also warn any future Froggy readers, though, that Froggy has been known to use the word butt when referring to that posterior portion of his anatomy; also, Froggy always responds to his mother’s wail of “Frrooggyy!” with “Whaaat?”  While we prefer the euphemism bottom over butt at the House of Hope and I always correct my girls’ response of “What?” with “Ma’am?”  (we are southerners, you know 😉 ), neither of these issues pose enough of a conflict for me to give up these fun stories.  I figure that this just gives us more opportunity for discussion. 

Wait a minute–this is a Kids’ Pick post, isn’t it?  All I’ve done so far is go on and on about what I think about the books.  (I’m good at that–blathering on about kids’ books.)  Really, my girls “pick” these books of their own free will sometimes.  In fact, just today Louise listened to Froggy Rides a Bike and followed along in the book during rest time.  (That is, after she listened to part of Little House on the Prairie, grew tired of that, and rejected The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe after a few minutes because she “doesn’t like the part about the witch.”  I wouldn’t want anyone to think we actually rest during rest time.  😉  )  Good old Froggy, he’s our friend.  🙂

Do you want to know about what other bloggers’ kids are picking?  Click over to 5 Minutes for Books!


9 Responses

  1. I blathered a bit about my excitement over my son’s pick this month too!

    I wrote this down for our next library trip, which should be by the end of the week.

  2. These look cute! And I totally understand not liking the part about the witch in the Narnia books – that was the ONLY book I quit reading as a child, b/c it gave me the creeps. I could read Tolkien all day long, but THAT book … *shiver* … I’ve still never read it to this day.

  3. I haven’t heard of the Froggy books but they definitely sound like books that my son would enjoy. Oooh yes. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them! THANKS! =)

  4. We had a few of these, Froggy Plays in the Band & Froggy’s Sleepover, at the school I worked at and the kids loved them!

  5. My librarian friend recommended Froggy Goes to Camp and my 6 yo son loved it. We need to get more Froggy books!

  6. We love Froggy! Great choice for Kid Picks!

  7. Froggy’s Halloween is one of our favorites every October, despite the fact that it has introduced my children to that trick-or-treat rhyme that bugs me and ends up being sung all the way through to Thanksgiving each year! 🙂

  8. Can’t believe I haven’t seen or heard of these — there are so many! Next library trip I’ll look for them. We like frogs — especially Frog and Toad.

  9. […] 19, 2010 by hopeistheword It has been a long time since I’ve had enough foresight to participate in Kids’ Picks over at 5 Minutes for Books, but I’ve had this post percolating in my […]

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