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Book Giveaway: The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-up by Robert Sabuda

chronicles-of-narniaCan you believe the week is already gone?  I’ve had a great time blogging about Narnia this week here at Hope Is the Word, and while I’m pretty sure that committing to a daily post is a little more than my beleagured brain can handle again for a while, I’m glad I did it.  It has been great to re-immerse myself in all things Narnia, but best of all, I got my children hooked on it, too.  (Lulu is  listening to Michael York read  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe even now.)  I hope you, my faithful readers, have enjoyed it as much as we have!

Several months ago I was shopping at my local Tuesday Morning where I came across this week’s prize–The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-up by Robert Sabuda.  In the back of my mind I knew that Carrie would host another Narnia Reading Challenge some time, and I had a vague memory of seeing this particular paper engineer’s work somewhere, so I snatched up two copies:  one for our collection here at the House of Hope and one to give away to a Hope Is the Word reader.  It turns out that I first saw Sabuda’s work on the Pioneer Woman’s blog.  She sang Sabuda’s praises and captured my attention with her wonderful photographs of his amazing work.  (Now that I have looked at all of the pop-ups Sabuda and his partner, Matthew Reinhart, have created, I realized that we already owned one–Cinderella.  My dear mother-in-law purchased everything Cinderella she could get her hands on when Lulu was a wee babe, and we were the recipients of that lovely book.)  Y’all, these books are something to see.  I wish I had the photography skills to take pictures that would do the book justice, but just believe me when I say that this is a treasure.  (You could go back and look at my previous sneak peeks of the book here and here and here, but PW’s pictures are much better!)  The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-up Book has a two-page spread for each of the books in the series, with a summary of the book, the amazing 3-D illustrations, and additional flaps to open for more fun.  It is truly amazing!

So how do you enter this giveaway?  Just post a Narnia-related comment on any or all of this week’s posts at Hope Is the Word which feature Carrie’s cool Narnia Challenge button.  The comments will be open until midnight CST on Sunday, July 19, and I will post the winner bright and early Monday morning.


16 Responses

  1. Ok, I would LOVE to be entered in this! =) And I fear being first will decrease my chances, but oh well! ;D Here I am!

    (I’m scramblign to get the conclusion post ready to go…should be up in 1/2 hour, give or take.)

  2. I’m still figuring out if I should enter comments on the other posts and they’ll be counted, or just enter here….?

  3. Oh, please, please enter me into this! The Narnia books were some of my FAVORITE books when I was a kid, and I really want to pass the love along.

    Thank you!

  4. Ya I love Narnia!!! Count me in for a chance to win this book!!!
    Shawna Lewis

  5. Please enter me.
    This book sounds awesome! I would love to share this book with my children.

    Thanks for your Narnia posts. They have been enjoyable reads.

  6. I would absolutely love to win this. I’m crazy about pop-up books.


  7. We once took a Japanese business associate to a bookstore to buy a book for his daughter before he went back to Japan. He knew we were Christians, but he was not interested–indeed, he had been instructed not to discuss religion. Anyway, we passed a display with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and I grabbed it. I told him I thought his daughter would love the book. He knew the word ‘witch’ and I think that’s what sold him. 🙂 Funny how that worked out! We never saw him again so I don’t know the rest of the story, but at least we planted, right? And how could his daughter not love that book?

  8. I’d love to win this book! My favorite series is narnia!

  9. I’ve been a huge fan of the Narnia books ever since my mother read them aloud to my sister and I. And now I’ve got a young nephew who would enjoy this book! Please enter me!


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  11. I love the Narnia books and would love to share them with my five year old. ruthjoec at aoldotcom

  12. Oh! I hope I’m not too late to enter! I recently read the first three Narnia (in order of publication, not the chronological order… which I still find odd by the way) and really, really loved them.

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  14. […] quest to purchase all of Robert Sabuda’s pop-up books ever since the fateful day I ran across his Narnia book at my local Tuesday Morning.  Since then we’ve added Peter Pan: A Classic Collectible Pop-Up, […]

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