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Narnia Giveaway Sneak Peek #3


In honor of Carrie‘s Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge, it’s Narnia Week here at Hope Is the Word.  As a part of Narnia Week, I’m hosting my own little giveaway, and each day until Friday I’m posting a little sneak peek of the prize.  To be eligible for a chance to win this awesome prize, post comments on any (or all!) posts with Carrie’s nifty Narnia Challenge button.  I’ll reveal what the prize is on Friday, and the giveaway winner will be announced Monday morning.  And now, for today’s peek:

Narnia sneak peek 3


3 Responses

  1. Very cool peek!!

    If someone would like to listen to an audiobook version I recommended the audibooks done by Focus on the Family Theater Production. They do an amazing job. I do think they are abridged to a certain degree but the dramatization is excellent.

  2. […] to win a beautiful Narnia resource which I shall reveal on Friday!  (For a sneak peek, go here.) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Into the WardrobeRoar! by Heather Kopp with […]

  3. […] treasure.  (You could go back and look at my previous sneak peeks of the book here and here and here, but PW’s pictures are much better!)  The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-up Book has a two-page […]

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