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Narnia Giveaway Sneak Peak #2

chronicles-of-narniaIn case you’ve missed the announcement, I’m blogging about Narnia this week in honor of Carrie‘s Chronicles of Narnia Challenge.  Several months ago, even before I knew Carrie was going to host this challenge in the middle of the summer, I picked up an awesome Narnia resource to share with one lucky blog reader o’ mine.  However, instead of just letting you in on the excitement all at once, I decided to dole it out little by little.  🙂  I’m posting a sneak peek of this awesome prize every day, and on Friday I’ll reveal what it is.  Ready?  Here goes:

Narnia sneak peek 2

So how do you enter for a chance to win this to-be-revealed-but-already-obviously-wonderful prize?  Simple.  You post a comment on every post of mine this week that features Carrie’s lovely Narnia Challenge button.  (Just tell me something about Narnia–anything at all!)  That means you’ll need to come back every day this week to have the best chance to win!  At any rate, be sure to come back on Friday for the big reveal of the prize.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. We are reading The Magician’s Nephew via an Focus on the Family Theater Production audiobook. It is very enjoyable!

    • Deanna,

      Thanks for playing along with my giveaway! I’m reading The Magician’s Nephew right now myself, and I hope to finish it soon so I can include it in my Narnia Week! It’s so good, isn’t it?

  2. […] this is a treasure.  (You could go back and look at my previous sneak peeks of the book here and here and here, but PW’s pictures are much better!)  The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-up Book has a […]

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