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Read Aloud Thursday


potch and pollyAre any of you fans of William Steig?  He’s most famous for his award-winning books The Amazing Bone, Dr. Desoto, and Abel’s Island.  We happened upon Potch & Polly at the library this week, and I was immediately taken by the cover illustration.  Jon Agee‘s cartoon illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this hilarious story.  Poor Potch, the rotund optimist, loves Polly Pumpernickel, the Olive Oyl-like girl of his dreams.  However, it seems that he just doesn’t speak her love language, and all is lost until Polly decides to turn the tables on him and reciprocate the unappreciated attention he gave her.  My girls thought this one was just as funny as I did, which means it passed not only the don’t-bore-the-reader test, but also the kid-friendly test.  This one is chock full of fun language and alliteration, and it is perfect for preschoolers up through upper elementary, at least.  Actually, I think it’s good for everybody! Be sure to check out the illustrator’s website to find out how he, a contemporary illustrator, came to illustrate a book by William Steig (hint:  see #12).  This is one not to be missed!

I hope you all are still enjoying some good read-alouds between your vacations and trips to the pool!  Please share them here in the comments, either by simply commenting or leaving a link to your own Read Aloud Thursday blog post.  And don’t forget to grab the button, too!


5 Responses

  1. This sounds really fun! I’m putting it on our list for our next library trip.

    Yesterday at the library my daughter discovered the ‘Laura Years’ series — Little House books for younger readers. We’d seen the picture books before, but these are chapter books, filed under ‘transitionals.’ I had no idea there were so many stages of the Little House books! We checked out three and she’s already finished (and loved) ‘Laura and Mr. Edwards.’

    Here’s my Read Aloud Thursday post:


  2. My daughter’s favorite William Steig book (so far) is Brave Irene. It’s the story of a girl who perseveres through a snowstorm to help her mother by delivering a dress to the duchess. It combine’s my daughter’s love for princesses & castles with great character lessons about persevering and serving others. It’s a great read. Thanks for the tip on the book you gave today. I’ll put it on my list.

  3. Excellent blog picture header.

  4. Mine is up!


    I focused on adoption picture books this time round.

    This book that you listed above sounds like one to put on our “Future Reads” list! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Angie,

    We haven’t read Brave Irene. I’ll have to look it up–my girls (of course) love princesses and castles, too. Thanks so much for sharing today!

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