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Read Aloud Thursday

read-aloud211Our book basket runneth over with terrific books this week!  In fact, Steady Eddie has commented recently on its fullness.  Not that he would actually complain about it–oh, no.  He knows better than to do that.  😉

This week our read-alouds have been so rich and well-loved, it’s hard to pick the best.  Here goes:
Peter Spit a Seed at Sue by Jackie French Koller is the perfect book to read for the upcoming watermelon season!  It’s the story-told-in-rhyme of four bored kids who banish their boredom with some watermelon seed spitting fun.  (I really don’t like the word bored very much at all, but it is redeemed in a major way in this story.)  They spit seeds everywhere and manage to involve lots of people in their mischief until the end of the story when the mayor of the town steps in to  stop their spitting.  You’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out how she stops it!  John Manders‘ illustrations are very comical and appropriate for this fun, fun story.  My girls love this one!  Warning:  be sure that you have high tolerance for watermelon seed spitting yourself before you read it!
If you’ve never read any of Helen Lester‘s books, you’ve missed out.  A Porcupine Named Fluffy is a great place to start!  The hero of our story is a porcupine with the misfortune of being named Fluffy.  Fluffy suffers all sorts of tribulations as he tries to live up to his name, but he finally comes to terms with his lot when he meets a rhinoceros with an equally inappropriate (and even more hilarious) name.  My girls get the irony of this book, which is one reason I think it’s so amazing.  Another  is the fun illustrations by Lynn Munsinger.  Highly recommended!

As I’ve mentioned before, we obviously like rhyming books here at the House of Hope.  Roger Eschbacher’s Road Trip is a funny book that will be familiar to any parents who have taken their children on road trips over one hour in duration.  (Actually, it’s more like thirty minutes in our car when Louise is along!)  From backseat bickering to road trip games, meals at greasy spoon cafes to overnight motel stays, this book hits all the fun and foibles of the family road trip.  Thor Wickstrom‘s illustrations are a real plus–his truck stop waitress is not to be missed in her beehive hairdo, cat-eye glasses, and semi-truck earrings!
This last one is my favorite.  I LOVE the illustrations in this book.  This Little Chick, written and illustrated by John Lawrence, is so much fun.  It begins in a way similar to many nursery songs–“This little chick from over the way/went to play with the ___[insert different animals] one day/And what do you think they heard him say?”  It turns out that the little chick is quite adaptable, and when he gets back to his mama and the family nest, he has a whole new vocabulary to share.  The illustrations are bright, bold, and whimsical.  Don’t miss this one!

Well, I could go on and on, but I think I’ll save it for another Read Aloud Thursday.  What has your family enjoyed this week?  Leave a link or a comment!


4 Responses

  1. I haven’t heard of any of these books … they look fun. Especially the porcupine one – N1 would love that. 🙂


  2. Happy Thursday!

    Here’s our winners from the week:


  3. A Porcupine Named Fuzzy looks hilarious and cute!

    Still in Texas with my dad which is why I did not have a post. But it was fun reading yours and one day, some amazing day, I’ll be back home and things will feel more….stable. In the meantime, if you think of my dad – pray that God will call him home very quickly!

  4. I would never complain about too many books. I think it is great that our girls will read every book in the local library before the month is out!!! 😉

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