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Book Review–Dessert First by Hallie Durand AND a Giveaway!

ISBN9781416963851A while back, I was contacted by a publicist at Simon & Schuster about reviewing a soon-to-be released book by a new author, Hallie Durand. Due to related plans (and their subsequent complications, the details of which I won’t bore you with) I’ve waited so long to publish my review that I believe  Dessert First is already available for purchase.  No matter.  Read to the bottom of this entry to find out how you can win your own ARC copy!
Dessert First is the quirky story of a third grader whose nickname happens to be Dessert.  That she is a member of a self-proclaimed “food family,” then, should come as no surprise.  Her family owns a restaurant, Fondue Paris, and mealtime is a big deal at her house.  She has three younger siblings who have nicknames as unusual as hers, and her third grade teacher’s name is Mrs. Howdy Doody!  Dessert has the usual schoolhouse nemesis and the usual little brother problems, but the real complication in the book stems from a school fundraiser in which the students must give up something they love in order to raise money to build a school treehouse.  Dessert disappoints her parents, is understood and counseled by the very unique Mrs. Howdy Doody, and in the end, a batch of Double Decker brownies saves the day.

This is a fun book that will appeal to early gradeschoolers, especially girls.  It reminds me a little bit of Clementine (my review here).   The only reservation I have about this book is that Dessert calls her school rival a ” **tch” (one that rides on a broom, not the other one), and I take issue with that, especially in a book for younger children.  Of course, I encourage parents to read books with their children and discuss any issues that might be problematic.  I think that this book is still a fun and worthwhile read, and I look forward to more from Hallie Durand.

As a part of this experience, Simon & Schuster sent me three more copies of the advance reader’s copy (ARC) of Dessert First to give away here at Hope Is the Word.  What fun!  Leave me a comment telling me your favorite dessert, and I will randomly choose three winners to receive a copy of this book.  This giveaway will remain open until Sunday night, May 24, at midnight CST.  (ETA:  This giveaway is for U.S. residents only; shipping to other countries is cost prohibitive.  Sorry!)

But wait!  There’s more!  In addition to all of this, I had the privilege of interviewing Hallie Durand, and I will be publishing that interview on Friday, May 22.  Come back to read more about the writing mind behind this fun, new children’s series!


35 Responses

  1. This looks great – I know my girls would love it. 🙂 (Oh, and my favorite dessert is usually a big bowl of popcorn, but if I need something sweet then I love any kind of fruit pie!)

  2. Hmmm…thanks for the “disclaimer” on the book. I’m still curious because I’ve seen positive remarks about it on the whole. Fun giveaway!

    My favorite dessert would be: chocolate. In any form. I don’t care. =)

  3. hot pecan pie with vanilla ice cream thanks for the giveaway

  4. my favorite dessert is strawberry cheese cake. yummy now i’m hungry

  5. I have a 3rd grader at home. My favorite dessert is brownies.

  6. Hmmmm… favorite dessert has to be Key Lime Pie… or even better is the combo of Mango/Key Lime Pie with whip cream and not meringue! Fun giveaway!

  7. pick just one dessert?? Probably blueberry pie.

    (or blueberry cheesecake…or rice pudding with raisins… or chocolate mousse…heh!)

    Thanks for the chance!
    emvark at gmail dot com

  8. cheesecake thats fresh and creamy

  9. I cannot turn down a piece of warm apple pie with crumbly top and a side of vanilla ice cream. Oh man now I’m hungry!

  10. Looks like a great book.
    My favorite dessert would be a Turtle Sundae!
    Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

    thanks for the giveaway!
    artandjen at juno dot com

  11. my fav dessert?!? only one? 🙂 i’d choose coconut cake or anything chocolate

  12. My fav is anything Chocolate and anything covered in chocolate

  13. Pecan pie! Yummm! Thanks for the contest!

  14. A brownie sundae with jamocha almond fudge ice cream.

  15. vanilla ice cream! that is what I like for a treat, thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I don’t need to win, but I read this book, and wanted to chime in.

    I liked it a lot, but I thought that there was a lot of “language.” Even if it’s just “darn” and “crud.” I realized when my own preschooler picked up some of those words (from me!) that they don’t sound so good, even if they are “safe” words.

  17. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu!

  18. It has to be Chocolate Cake. Thanks

  19. Baked Alsaka is my favorite. it combines everything that is good

  20. My favorite dessert is any kind of cheesecake!!

  21. I would choose chocolate fudge brownies as my favorite dessert — or chocolate ice cream — or — sorry, it’s hard to pick just one 🙂

  22. Cheesecake is the fav in this house!

  23. my favorite dessert is orange souffle.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

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  25. I love chocolate cake. My favorite is this one called Coca-cola cake.

  26. […] privileged to interview via email the author of the new Dessert series (my  review of Dessert First here).  Ever since I hosted my first author interview here at Hope Is the Word, I have itched for the […]

  27. My favorite dessert is chocolate chip ice cream – so good! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Sounds like a good book, my fave dessert is cheesecake the flavor does not matter. Thanks for the giveaway

    sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

  29. Favorite dessert? Anything with chocolate. But, if I had to choose, my #1 favorite dessert to serve after, or before, dinner is: Homemade chocolate cake with homemade buttercream icing. That’s to die for.

  30. I love Apple pie with ice cream! thank you for the giveaway!

  31. I would love to read this. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake.

    thanks so much!


  32. My favorite dessert is Paula Deen’s brownies!

  33. My favorite dessert is blackberry cobbler. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

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