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E-book Review: The Great Books

greatbookscoversmThe Great Books by Kate Kessler is an e-book interview with Fritz Hinrichs, “educational entrepreneur” and founder of Escondido Tutorial Service.  Escondido Tutorial Service is a tutorial service that focuses on classical education and the Great Books and assisting homeschoolers in their pursuit of these two things.

I enjoyed this interview because I am always eager to read of homeschooling successes and how homeschooling pans out in the secondary years.  Hinrichs was not homeschooled himself, but he obviously believes it to be the best form of education.  Through his tutorial service he works with students who are engaged in a curriculum that is head and shoulders above what is typically taught in public schools today, at least in my opinion.  The fact that this is carried out successfully is reason enough to attend to what Hinrichs has to say.

The title of this e-book is The Great Books because that body of literature is the basis for both Hinrichs’ own post-secondary education and the program that he espouses today.  He defines Great Books as ones that “have passed the test of time for many reasons.”  They are important because through their study, one can understand the philosophies on which much of civilization is built.  Hinrichs discusses how classical education (particularly homeschool classical education) is a natural underpinning for a Great Books study.

I enjoyed this e-book interview very much, and it has opened up a world (albeit a virtual one) of secondary and postsecondary institutions and organizations that I know will provide support for us as we continue this homeschooling journey.  If you’re interested in classical education or just in providing a rich education for your children, this e-book is one that you will find helpful and inspiring.

The Great Books is one in a series of e-books called WeE Books (because they’re wee little books!) published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  It is available for download for only $1.95.

Disclosure:  I received this e-book free through the trial process of becoming a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.


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  1. In response to your comment – I realized after I submitted my comment that my name didn’t automatically connect you to my blog – sorry about that! Thanks for your encouragement, too!


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