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Kids’ Picks: The Arthur Books by Marc Brown

kidspicksOnce again, I really feel like I’m stating the obvious this week for the Kids’ Picks carnival over at 5 Minutes for Books.  However, we are to write about our children’s favorite books from the month, and that’s what I’m doing here.  Lulu, age almost-5, and Louise, age 3 1/2, love Marc Brown’s Arthur stories.  When I say love, I mean LOVE.   On our weekly library trip, Lulu makes a beeline for the browser box containing the Arthur books (Our library keeps popular series books together–not alphabetized by author’s last name with all the other books).  She then proceeds to gather up as many as she can carry and to find a place under the tree to “read” them.  I must admit that I limit her to two or three series books to check out.  Is that bad?  If I didn’t, we’d bring home a bag full of Arthur (or Franklin or Clifford or Dora) books every week, and I’m just not willing to read that many of them.  I know, I know–bad mommy.

I really don’t know where this affection for Arthur comes from.  I don’t think the girls have seen the PBS show more than two or three times, and although we do check out videos and DVDs from the library, they are never interested in checking out Arthur.   All things considered, though, it could be worse.  I actually like most of the Arthur stories–they are heavily plot driven, and the characters are likeable.  I just need a little variety in my book bag, so I limit them.  🙂

Which books your kids picking up over and over again this month?  Head on over to 5 Minutes for Books and share!

5 Responses

  1. I haven’t read any of the Arthur books. Here is mine. It’s for older children.

    Beings in a Dream

  2. Arthur is great stuff for kids to love! This is wonderful!

  3. I’m glad that you wrote about what they were really reading. I agree with the variety.

    Kyle goes straight to the Thomas books in the library, and checks the same ones out (and ones that we own in the anthology we have!), but I just let him, and honestly a lot of times they stay in the bookbag until we return them the following week.

  4. My oldest son loves Arthur books, too! He is reading one of the Arthur chapter books right now.

  5. Hannah LOVED Arthur! The first book she ever bought at a school book fair was Arthurs Christmas! I will keep that book forever!

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