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Read Aloud Thursday

I think if Lulu could pick one book that she has absolutely loved lately, this one would be it.  Princess Pigsty, written by Cornelia Funke and illustrated by Kerstin Meyer, is a great read for the preschool princess-wannabe.  Isabella is a princess who gets fed up with her royal life and decides she wants to be herself, so she bucks the system and comes out the winner in the end.  The illustrations are cartoonish and fun and the story has enough familiarity to be enjoyable (with a few elements that children will recognize from Cinderella) but with enough of a twist to keep them interested.  Great fun!
If you are familiar with Eve Bunting’s books, you already know that she is a master at telling a poignant tale.  Truthfully, she can reduce me to a blubbering mess by the end of a story just about as quickly as any writer I know.  A Picnic in October is certainly no exception to this.  If you like patriotic tales of immigrants coming to America for a better life and finding it here (which is important for me to contemplate during this time when I feel very cynical about the state of our country), you’ll love this one.  Nancy Carpenter’s illustrations are perfect for this gentle and hopeful story.  And lest you think that I only pick the stories I like (as opposed to ones my girls actually enjoy), you should know that Lulu requested this one several times.  Maybe it was the fact that mommy got too choked up to finish it the first time through, but I like to think it was the story that intrigued her.  This is a perfect story to use as a discussion starter about the American dream, immigration, patriotism, and even just the State of Liberty.  Beautiful!

So tell me, what has your family been enjoying as a read aloud lately?  Leave me a comment or a link to your blog entry and I’ll be sure to visit!  Have a happy Read Aloud Thursday!


6 Responses

  1. We’re reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin this week.

    • Thanks for playing, Aggie! Can you give us a link to the book (i.e. from Amazon, etc.) and tell us the age(s) of your child(ren)?

  2. I haven’t been doing Read Aloud Thursdays because my husband has taken over the nightly bedtime routine over the last few weeks. Everything has just become too much for me, so this is quite lucky. It won’t last forever but it is a nice break for me!

  3. We’ve read Princess Pigsty – I didn’t realize that it was written by the same woman that wrote the Inkheart trilogy. Very cool!

  4. I’ve never heard of it before! Fun new titles to tuck away. Mine’s up!


  5. We found a beautifully illustrated gem today: The Water Hole by Graeme Base. I blogged about it here:


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