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Children’s Classics–Beatrix Potter Edition


Beatrix Potter’s tales have delighted me, a previously unitiated albeit fully grown adult, every bit as much as A.A. Milne’s tales did.  I checked out The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter from the library only after reading our own copy of The Tailor of Gloucester, a find from a used book sale at a homeschooling conference, to my girls.  They were quite taken by the story of unfortunate tailor and his helpful mice, so I was very excited to share more of Miss Potter’s stories with them.  We have read two-thirds of the complete tales by now, and while they have met with mixed reviews, I would call the experience an overall success.  While my girls would often choose Arthur or Franklin over my more literary choices, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Peter Rabbit and his friends and acquaintances.

My own favorite story so far has been The Tale of Tom Kitten.  I thought the idea of the mischievous Tom being caught and almost turned into a dumpling by Anna Maria and Samuel Whiskers was funny and very clever.  However, Lulu wasn’t quite as amused by it.  Shall I say that we have definite issues involving violence perpetrated by animals?  (We still haven’t watched all of Cinderella because of the scene between the cat, Lucifer, and the dog.)  Instead, Lulu betook herself to the playroom to listen to more of the Little House tales while Louise and I learned how things came out for Tom.

I really could go on and on about how much I am delighted by this new treasure I’ve found.  I’m wondering if I should choose The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter as my book of choice for the up-to-$100 book I get to choose as a prize in the Dr. Seuss birthday contest at 5 Minutes for Books.  However, since I have a wee girl who is clamoring for my attention, I’m afraid I’ll have to end this post simply by saying that I have found yet another gem to add to my growing list of not-to-be-missed children’s authors.

Do you want to read more about Beatrix Potter’s lovely stories?  Click over to the Children’s Classics carnival at 5 Minutes for Books!

6 Responses

  1. We have the complete tales and love them. A small part of me wishes we had more of the little tiny books because they are easier for small hands, but my girls feel big when they tote the big book around! 🙂

    And, if she is saddened by Tom Kitten, steer her away from Jemima Puddleduck. That one gets me!

  2. That’s awesome! So my son, Joshua, wasn’t that interested in Potter this month. I anticipate he’ll appreciate the stories a bit more in a year or so. Right now we’re all about Pooh and Thomas and that beat out Peter and the like. Oh well. Better luck next time, right? I look forward to reading more of the books in the future!

  3. Yeah–they’re all pretty funny. I also remember poor old Tom Kitten from reading it to my daughter years ago. in fact, I think if I were a kid it might scar me too. . . .

  4. Oh, Tom Kitten is one of my favorites as well! His spirit shines through in this book!

  5. Tales of Benjamin Bunny remains at the top of my list. The story is set out according to Fawe Park’s garden in Keswick. Her illustrations in this book are wonderful and would stir the imagination of any child.

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