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Classics Bookclub–Les Miserables

Sigh.  I’m still plugging away at Les Miserables, with only about 900 more pages to go.  : )  Back when I started reading it near the beginning of February, I had so hoped to finish it by today.  However, by the time I had gotten well into the first section, I realized that this book requires the type of concentrated reading that I don’t get to do much.  I tend to read in spats and spurts, with maybe a good thirty minutes at night before I turn off the light.  It’s hard to get through 1400 pages quickly like that.  I am enjoying it, though, and I intend to keep posting my Reflections in Progress as I finish the major divisions of the novel.  I’m almost through with the second section, so stay tuned to Hope Is the Word for my thoughts on it.  You can read my thoughts on the first section, “Fantine,” here.

To read others’ thoughts on this wonderful story, click over to 5 Minutes for Books.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting and linking to your thoughts. Keep plugging away (although I kept telling y’all to go with the abridged!!). Even with that, I felt buried in some of the details.

  2. But you are perservering! And it is oh so worth it! It IS a sacrifice of reading time though so I completely get where you are at.

  3. Kudos to you for plugging away at the book. I am going to go and read your thoughts re: Fantine.

  4. I haven’t finished, either, but I will get through to the end. It is such a wonderful story! I loved your thoughts on the first section. There are so many more wonderful quotes ahead of you!

  5. This is a great book to read in sections!

  6. Oh, I’m actually on pace with you it seems! I absolutely understand what you’re saying about not being able to have the ‘concentrated reading’ time lately. I can read a regular old novel while my toddlers are playing at my feet and my 8 year old is playing wii, but this one requires more of a solitude and quiet than is a usual part of my day! Let’s both keep at it when we can!!

  7. […] to figure out Donna’s appeal and to realize that my reading time is much better spent on other things.  What I liked then about Donna is that reading about her life was like taking a very […]

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