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Kirby Larson interview next week!

This is just a happy little reminder that my interview with Kirby Larson will be published here at Hope Is the Word one week from today on February 27!  You have plenty of time to read Hattie Big Sky before then if you haven’t already.

2 Responses

  1. Another good recommendation, thank you. I located Hattie Big Sky deep in a shelf (several shelves, actually) full of typical teen reading material — dark, depressing, rebellious, negative. Hattie’s cover stood out from all the dark and bloody, black and red gothic-looking covers. What a breath of fresh air this book is, before you even open it!

    And yes, I liked the inside, too. For a young adult book, it was good. Since we veer away from romances here, I liked the fact that what little love life might have been Hattie’s was very understated. Her subtly growing relationship with her old friend, Charlie, could easily have been the story’s focal point. For me, that would have taken away from this book.

    The theme of long-lasting, close relationships formed over common hardships is not often found in today’s books for young adults. I also enjoyed the emphasis on Hattie’s character, treating people with respect, and “keeping her own counsel”. We could all learn from that!

    This book went in the “approved” pile for my girls. Thanks!

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