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More Books Monday and A Few Links

It’s unusually cold here in our little corner of the country, so I thought I’d share a book review that I read back a few weeks ago of a book that deals with a disaster in a very cold climate.  I came across a review of Endurance:  An Epic of Polar Adventure by F.A. Worsley over at bekahcubed and was immediately intrigued.  Back in our B.C. life (for the uninitiated, that means before children), Steady Eddie and I went lots of places and did lots of fun things (well, at least fun to two rather boring, self-proclaimed geeks).  On one of our periodic excursions, we saw a movie about Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition to Antarctica (I think it might’ve been this movie) at an IMAX theater.  I’ve never forgotten about Ernest Shackleton and his crew and their amazing experience; in fact, I thought about it often when I read this book last year.  I think Worsley’s book would be fascinating and exciting.  I am definitely adding it to my TBR list!

On a totally unrelated note, are any of you Wendell Berry fans?  If so, have you been over to the Hannah Coulter Book Club for Copycats?  (Hat-tip to Magistra Mater)  It looks like an interesting blog full of Berry-ish conversation.

I know this is a book blog, but (I hate to admit that ) much of my daily word allowance comes from reading blogs.  I can’t help but mention, then, two beautiful posts on motherhood by two of my favorite bloggers:  Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience and Gretchen of Lifenut.  If you are a mother, if you have a mother, or if you know a mother, these are must-reads:  A Parenting Non-Tutorial and Winter’s Child.  Each post is beautiful (and instructive) in its own way.  Enjoy!

What bookish (or wordish) things have you come across lately that have piqued your curiosity?

Have a marvelous Monday!


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