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January Picks

snowman-small1January has been a good month for reading here at the House of Hope.  I read a total of eight books this month, not to mention the seventy-five or so I read aloud to my girls. While the read-aloud number is fairly normal for any given month around here (and that number really only accounts for the library books we read), the fact that I read eight books silently for and to myself means that the tide has turned in my reading life.  Hurrah!  Let’s just see if I can keep this up. . .

Anyway, I thought I’d finish off the month by recapping my favorites for the month.  Since I read an equal number of nonfiction and fiction books, I will pick one of each.

(Drumroll, please. . . )

The nonfiction winner of the month is Authentic Faith by Gary Thomas!  Of all the nonfiction books I read, this is the one that has stayed with me the longest.  It is the one I have recommended to people over and over again, and I only do that if I REALLY like (or, in the case of nonfiction, am challenged by) a book.  This book made me examine some of the hard places of life through the filter of scripture and the Christian classics, and it helped me to see that the modern interpretation of these trials (even in the Christian community, unfortunately) is often lacking.  You can read my full review here.

Is it okay if I pick as a favorite a book I really didn’t even understand?  It is?  Okay, good.  I pick G. K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday as my favorite fiction selection of the month.  Since I don’t really understand the meaning behind the story, it is difficult for me to really say why it’s my favorite.  All I can really say about it is that I was greatly amused by it.  I enjoyed Chesterton’s style.  You can read my other ignorant ramblings about it here.
I really shouldn’t wrap up January without mentioning the L.M. Montgomery challenge, however.  I feel almost guilty, like I’m slighting my best friend, for not picking one of the books I read for the challenge as my favorite.  I loved getting back into the world of LMM that I so often frequented as a teenager and young adult.  I loved reading one of her books that I’d never read before and re-reading an old favorite.  I do not want to say that I’ve outgrown her, for I am afraid of what that would say about me, and that isn’t the truth, anyway.  I think the style of book I find enjoyment in has changed as I’ve gotten older.  I like books that challenge the way I see the world, or at least ones that paint one that is realistic.  LMM is fun for a weekend excursion, but I don’t think I want to live there anymore.  I do want to say thanks to Carrie at Reading to Know for hosting the challenge; without it, I’m sure I wouldn’t have taken that little flight of fancy this year.

Now, on to February!

(The snowman pictured above is one my girls and I “built” at the library this month by reading books to earn the pieces through the winter reading program.)


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  2. […] hopeistheword I’ve noticed something.  I tend to read a lot in January.  Last January I read a total of eight books, and while I haven’t gotten anywhere near that number so far this month, I’m in a nice […]

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