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A Bookish Year in Review

fap0008_bquiet-read-postersTwo thousand eight was the year reading returned to the number one position in my list of hobbies, and I have blogging to thank for that, I think.  Somehow, keeping up with the books I read and actually responding to them in some sort of formal way kept me reading, even when life was particularly hectic and I really didn’t have time.  I made the time, and I am so glad.  I liked having a formal TBR list, too, because although I varied from it often enough, it at least gave me something to fall back on when I needed a little direction.  In that vein, I plan to create a TBR list for 2009, but first, this year in review:

Classics–I only managed to read one of the novels from my list under this category, and I only did that last week.  Sigh.  Why am I unmotivated to read what has proven to be the best, most enduring literature?  I almost never regret it when I do discipline myself to do it.  And I am an English teacher!  Sigh.

Newbery Award Winners and Honor Books–I am a failure here, too, I’m afraid.  I only read two of the books on my list.  Does it count for anything that I enjoyed both of them?  I did manage to read another Newbery honor book that wasn’t on my list, but only because I read it aloud to my girls.

Nonfiction–Once again, I read only two books from my list, but I only managed to review one of them.  However, I did read, review, and mostly enjoy a few other nonfiction books that were not on my list.

Christian Fiction–I am pleased to announce that I finished both the Zion Chronicles and the Zion Legacy series by Brock and Bodie Thoene.  I even made some progress in the A.D. Chronicles, ‘though I do have most of those to roll over to 2009.  I have grown tired of reading much of what is available in the genre of Christian fiction, but I still enjoy these historical fiction novels. However, I was delighted to read this gem of a novel, so I should amend my previous statement by saying that there are still some novels published by Christian publishers that have some redeeming literary value.  Despite my misgivings about the genre, this is obviously the only category from my TBR list in which I had any success.

Out of some thirty-seven books on my TBR list, I read fourteen.  I read twenty-three books that were not on my TBR list. Really, though, that is the way I like it best.  I love going to the library to look for that great book I read about on someone’s blog.  I like jumping on various reading bandwagons throughout the year and having my interest piqued by a challenge here or there.  I don’t really mind that I didn’t get to most of the books on my list.  I even tried a few books that I just couldn’t stomach (I’m thinking here specifically of The Kite Runner and a couple of the Newbery winners that didn’t interest me at the time I tried to read them).  That’s okay, too.  I enjoyed everything I actually read, and I have enjoyed going back and reminiscing while composing this post.


3 Responses

  1. Well, it looks like you had a good reading year!

  2. Yeah! You did a great job and I think blogging is the reason I read so much also. Whatever it takes to motivate, eh? =) It’s fun.

    I liked the way you divided up your reads into catagories. Sigh. Maybe one day I’ll be organized like that!

  3. […] Fiction, Newbery Award, Young Adult Fiction — hopeistheword @ 9:35 pm As I mentioned in my Bookish Year in Review, this year has marked a return to reading for me.  I have read some thirty-seven books this year, […]

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