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On the Seventh Day of Christmas. . .


I’m sure I’ve gained at least seven pounds taste-testing the goodies I made tonight.  For the past several years, I have made Christmas treats for many of my friends and the ministers at our church instead of buying them things.  I enjoy baking, and I never can figure out what to buy people, anyway.  I figure that even if I did know what to buy, I probably couldn’t afford what they really want or need.  I just give them a little home-baked goodness instead!  Above is my orange marble fudge.  I also made some Andes mints cookies (different from the ones I posted about here) and what just might be a peanut butter bar disaster (yet undecided because they’re still cooling).  This is the first night of several that I’ll be up late baking.  I enjoy it!

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One Response

  1. Wow your fudge is beautiful, and I’m sure it is delicious too!

    Have you considered submitting to the ‘make it from scratch’ blog carnival?

    Thanks for leaving such a nice note on my blog about my grandmother’s passing. I never know who the people are who read my blog and never comment, glad to know you are one of them!

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