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On the Third Day of Christmas. . . Three Christmas Parties!






My girls have Christmas parties on three consecutive nights this week:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Who knew that preschoolers’ social calendars could be so full?  I’ve always thought that Steady Eddie and I err on the side of conservativism when it comes to the amount of things we allow our girls to become involved in, but maybe I’m wrong.  Of course, the Wednesday party will be in lieu of (or maybe I should say in addition to) their normal class at church and the Tuesday night party was actually a performance party at their music class which happens on Tuesday nights anyway.  That means that the only extra thing we actually have to go to is the Christmas party/caroling trip for the kids’ choir at church on Thursday night.  However, it also means that I have to take some sort of food to each party, which brings us to my Third Day of Christmas picture.  I found the instructions for these little cupcakes over at the Family Fun website.  They’re cute, aren’t they?  Family Fun is chock full of great holiday ideas.  The best part of all is that most of their ideas truly are simple enough to be done with kids. 

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  1. The cupcakes turned out adorable!

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