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Book Review–Clementine by Sara Pennypacker


Title:  Clementine

Author:  Sara Pennypacker

Illustrator:  Marla Frazee

Publisher:  Hyperion

Length:  136 pp.

ISBN:  0786838825

Clementine is Ramona Quimby reincarnated!  Okay, fine, maybe she’s not, but she is every bit as funny and engaging.  Here at the Hope Is the Word house, we had sworn off read-alouds for a while because mama had gotten a little too ambitious and the wee girlies had gotten tired of books that were a little over their heads or that they plain old just didn’t like.  Clementine has reignited the fire!  There were even protestations when I mentioned that we would take Clementine back to the library in a few days; “Can’t we renew it?,” Lulu questioned.  I assured her that there are more books about Clementine.  This is one I feel certain will become a regular rest time rotation in audiobook.


2 Responses

  1. There are two more books about Clementine so far, and I think the second and third ones are just as good as the first. So you have much to enjoy.

  2. […] to early gradeschoolers, especially girls.  It reminds me a little bit of Clementine (my review here).   The only reservation I have about this book is that Dessert calls her school rival a ” […]

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