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Book Review–Too Many Frogs!

Title:  Too Many Frogs!

Author:  Sandy Asher

Illustrator:  Keith Graves

Publisher:  Philomel

Pages:  [31]

ISBN:  0399239782

This is such a fun book for a read-aloud!  Rabbit enjoys his nice, quiet life:  he cooks his supper, cleans up his mess, and reads himself a story every night.  One night, however, his life is turned upside down by the friendly and eager Froggie who shows up at his door ready to listen to the story.  Night after night, the same thing happens, only each time the mess and disturbance to Rabbit’s formerly placid life intensifies.  Rabbit finally draws the line, only to realize (of course) that he misses Froggie’s company.  The story is repetitive enough to delight preschoolers but interesting enough to delight adults.  Or maybe I enjoyed the story so much because I identify greatly with Rabbit.  Either way, this is a fun easy book that is sure to please!


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