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Week Three–August 18-22


Life has gotten tremendously hectic this past week, hence the late posting of our week-in-review.  In fact, we only did any formal learning time twice this week.  On Monday, we learned the /v/ sound and did our usual activities.  Then, on Tuesday, I had to work all day at a local semiannual children’s consignment sale, so the girls got to spend all day with my parents.  On Wednesday I attended a leadership training session for Community Bible Study, so it wasn’t until Thursday that we could actually pick up with our learning time again.  On Thursday we reviewed all the sounds we’ve learned thus far and even started putting some sounds together to form words.  With a good bit of help, Lulu is able to sound out a few cvc words!  That is extremely gratifying to me as her teacher and mother.  The smile on her little face is priceless!  Then, for a special treat, we read A Baby Sister for Frances and made our own secret hideaway under a quilt suspended across four kitchen chairs.  On Friday my part-time job resumed for the semester, so we once again missed learning time.  Of course, there was the usual copious amount of reading aloud all week, and even the beginning of a brand new chapter book, Mary Poppins.  I missed our learning times, though.


This week has shown me that once we reach the age of formal schooling (say, next year), that our outside commitments are going to have to be drastically curtailed.  This is somewhat difficult for me because my biggest outside commitment, CBS, is one that I feel is so very worthwhile.  I will certainly have to pray about whether or not this should remain a part of our life somehow, even after we begin school in earnest.


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  1. It is so hard balancing school and activities, especially when there are so many options available.

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