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Book Review–The Veritas Conflict by Shaunti Feldhahn

Title:  The Veritas Conflict

Author:  Shaunti Feldhahn

Publisher:  Multnomah

Pages:  457

ISBN:  157673708X

Synopsis:  Claire Rivers is a young woman attending Harvard against her parents’ best judgment.  She is a Christian who graduated from a Christian school whose parents, especially her father, would choose to further “shelter” her from worldly influences.  In reality, however, Claire is also a vessel chosen by God to be a light at Harvard.  What unfolds is a story of spiritual warfare over souls and the eternal influence of such a prestigious institution.  Claire, as an assistant to a beloved Christian professor, helps to uncover a plot to subvert monies given by Christian contributors from Harvard’s godly inception to be used for righteous purposes.  The truth of the situtation, though, is actually much more sinister.  

My Thoughts:  My first reaction to this story is that it is very similar to Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness with its emphasis on a very real spiritual world that has a direct influence on our physical world.  I found the plot of the story to be even more enjoyable (if that’s possible–I love Peretti’s early work) because I found Claire Rivers to be so likeable and realistic.  Reading books like this, although they are works of fiction, always makes me want to be more diligent in my prayer life.  What happens in the heavenlies often depends on the prayers of the saints.  Shaunti Feldhahn is a great storyteller, and she has the ability to include quite a bit of “meat” in her stories.  I learned a lot about Christian apologetics in an academic setting by reading this novel; this is something I could’ve used myself about fifteen years ago when I was in undergraduate school!  I will definitely add Feldhahn’s other novel to my to be read list! 


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